By Farahin
why am i not surprised?
i dislike people who can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk.

rhyme tyme!

By Farahin
Skies may be painted grey,
Rainbows may never be pink,
Sometimes i have soooo much to say,
Sometimes i don't even know what to think.

There are 168 hours in 7 days,
60 seconds in a minute,
When you feel like everything's in place,
Where is that pause button when you need it?

A mosquito can fly,
But a fly can't mosquito,
Although i have no idea why,
I just feel like rhymin', yo!

[Disclaimer: This is not a serious/real poem. Read it at your own risk. xP]


By Farahin
usually, when someone hands you a sausage, you just swallow it thinking it's either chicken or beef.

when my mum hands me a bag of sausages, i had to ask: what sausage is this?
knowing she's in food tech, it's likely to be something other than chicken or beef. One time, she made us eat tongue, thinking it was normal beef. eeew. True enough, it was fish sausage. All types of freshwater fish sausages. Hey, at least it wasn't tongue =p


By Farahin
it's intimidating. to be one of two first years here.

it's tiring. to sleep late, to wake up early, to commute in KTM, to juggle MSO, besides handling the workload.

it's new. everything.

it's rewarding. at the end of the day, hopefully.


Day 1 was like orientation. groups of 5, briefings, tour. One of the highlights was to be given the trust to take care of a 3-7k laptop for 2 months, on the very 1st day. Familiar faces made the experience feel slightly less alien to me. A 1 hour test to write 4 essays: marks given, totalling to a hundred.

Day 2 was in one word, boring. My team consists of 3 interns. I'm in HR advisory. Everyone had work to do except me. My mentor was not around. Was struggling to keep awake from the previous night movie (but i did sleep in the movie too). I quite like my team, and the people here in general (although some interns did think i was too young/inexperienced for this).

Day 3 - now. Met Joshua in KL Sentral as we alight from the same LRT train. Small world they say. He's off to bangi to meet another client.

my walkway, perhaps?

By Farahin
I remember reading this somewhere, so I shall paraphrase what I remember:

Internships are not just resume builders. They are like walkways leading up to a house. Looking ahead, you get to view/evaluate the house you're walking up to. Once you're actually inside the house, you'll get a better idea if it is the house that you would like to live in - maybe for forever.

I really like this analogy. Thank you to whoever that came up with this.
With this next step that i'm taking, I hope in time, I'll find that dream house of mine. =]
And thanks to you guys who has supported & encouraged me! (wow feels like an academy award moment!)

Happy holidays to all!

you know you're good friends when..

By Farahin
.. the friends who helped you moved in on day 1, are the same friends who helped you move out on the last day. =]

i know this is a bit delayed, but thanks you two. XD

Goodbye year 1

By Farahin
4 papers. 8 days.
I'm glad exams finished pretty early.

I had a "lucky charm" with me this semester. Supposedly to tie my hair, but ended up just being a routine to go to the exam hall. Thanks Sheila!

Tried a couple different methods of studying this time. It was fun, but when it comes down to productivity, I think it's at its highest when I'm in my room, alone. It's just a habit i guess. Oh! I'm VERY proud of this cheat sheet that I editted! heeee! =D 6 columns, font size 5pt!

Anyway, something's been bothering me, so I'd rather not blog bout anything serious right now or it might just come out emo. haha. I'm just a little confused right now. Just don't wanna leave Canberra with unresolved issues. =(


By Farahin
.. and that's why you're one of my best friends.

*searches for the PAUSE button. Click!*


By Farahin
In just one day..

3 things happened cos of my big mouth.

Where is that rewind button when you need it most?


By Farahin
Life is like a swing:
When you're up in the air, it's great. But when your feet touch the ground, it's back to reality.

A person is like a clay waiting to be molded into a pottery. It takes time to shape the pottery. And once it's done being shaped, you'll see that it's not perfect - yet, it's unique.

'Til now, I'm still on that potter's wheel, being shaped. All I'm asking for is time. You'll see:
In time, no longer will I have cracks that makes me seek reassurance every now and then.
In time, I will have patterned holes that no longer leaves me oblivious to your feelings.
In time...

You shouldn't expect me to be the same shape of clay that I am now. While I'm still on that potter's wheel, you'll never know how I will turn out to be. But all I'm asking is for you to have faith. Have faith that I - or we, will get off that potter's wheel, as a fully formed, piece of art.

Mixed Feelings

By Farahin
Too many feelings. All in a day.

It was sweet. I didn't know someone would do such a thing for me. I'm very touched. From the bottom of my heart, I thank BOTH of you for doing that.

It was relief. To let it be done and over with. No more guessing, no more wondering.

It was gratitude. For having your friends surround you and supporting you the whole way.

It was disbelief. When I didn't hear either of your names being called.

It was joy. When you know that people believe in you.

It was sadness. When I hear that you were: Discouraged. Disheartened. Disappointed.

It was sadness. When I know that you're upset.

Looking back, maybe I should have, would have, given it up for you.
Sitting here, writing this post, tearing, I don't feel deserving. You want it more. You've worked harder.
Winning now, means nothing, for I hate to see you this way.



By Farahin
Yes, there have been a few not-so-happy posts lately. But that doesn't mean I'm always down. I just happen to rant in my blog when I feel like it. Truth is, I think I'm still in search for that happiness everyone longs for. But I think, I'm grateful with what I have now in Canberra. Friends, food & health. Sure, i'm not happy 24/7, but I think I could be if I stop thinking too much and just live in the moment? Lets test that theory..


By Farahin
.. breathe over my neck.

just do your part and i'll do mine.
it's easy for you to say; you say, blame, everything but there's no product from you.
Look in the mirror before you say what you say.


By Farahin
i may not be the greatest friend in the world, but at least i don't think i'm a hypocrite when it comes to this. i accept it when you say it, but WHY is it any different when i say it?

tell me why.

A spark

By Farahin
It's just human nature,
To want the moon and the stars,
But right at this moment,
I like the way things are.

Reading through my old posts, one of my poems sparked my interest in poetry once again:

Dated: Oct 12, 2008
Title: I wear a smile

The smile that I wear
expresses my emotions,
happiness beyond compare,
and feelings as deep as the ocean.

The smile that I wear
may sometimes be deceiving,
often in times of despair,
in attempt to hide hurt feelings.

The smile that I wear
Can mean a million things,
Even when the world seems unfair,
You can spot me in this clothing.

The smile that i wear
Is never just a smile,
It's a gift that i share,
to make life more worthwhile.

it's about time to start writing once again.



By Farahin
... it's for the best. =)
everyone makes sacrifices. Let this be a teenee weeney one for me.

my superman!

By Farahin
Aaaaahhh his voiceee.. you should listen to his acoustic version, then you can hear his awesomeee rangeee!!!


CPR 101

By Farahin
The first thing you should learn is the action plan:

D = Danger
R = Response
A = Airway
B = Breathing
C = Circulation

Sure, first aid may have changes every year, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't change.
I wish to emphasise on the D. Danger. The first thing you should look out for is danger to yourself. You can't help someone if you, yourself are the casualty. I personally don't think that it's selfishness. I think that it's logical. How can I help you if I can't even help myself? We'll both be sitting ducks..

I think sometimes this can be applied in life, beyond CPR.
Although, i admit that there's a fine line between this and selfishness, I believe that most of the time, it's not the case of the latter..

Back from the dead

By Farahin
Yes, this blog has been dead for awhile, but not anymore!

Since my last post, lets see what's changed/happened:
  • Had the time of my life at Melbourne & went skiing at Mt Buller.
  • Was surprised with my results (Math specifically).
  • Had friends come over to Canberra for holidays/NCG.
  • NCG done and over with. It was quite a rollercoaster ride.
  • Bought the guitar in the previous post (just that it's not red).
  • Celebrated my 20th birthday (4 times in ONE DAY!).
  • Had a bunch more low moments of my life.
  • Met new people.
  • Started Sem 2 (still have no mood for tutorials..).
So, yeah winter break was a fun month. Now can't wait to go home.

On a different note, I've always, always pictured uni life to be a fun ride that you share with your friends. It just doesn't seem to be happening that way right now. So many things unresolved.
Wishing for a better semester.

fill the lack of pictures

By Farahin
Such a beauty.
Working towards this!



By Farahin
i think i'm addicted to too many things!
somebody stop meeee..

p/s: nonono not drugs or anything like that.. ;)


By Farahin
Too many distractions! Can't focus.. sighs. too many unnecessary things on my mind.

Not to mention: stupid facebook. =.="

Wish me luckkk!

sugar rush

By Farahin
just had dessert night. too much sugar. cloying.

was sugar high for awhile but i think digested already XD


By Farahin
Everyone makes them. Just a matter of what you're willing to sacrifice.

Yes, everyone. Even those who are damn freakin' good in everything. They're sure to miss out on fun, family or friends. Is there really a win-win situation?

I don't know if sacrificing my time, my studies, my brain, my thoughts, my heart - would do any good. Seems like my sacrifices are unrequited. Should I just move on instead of getting hurt? Who am i kidding, either way it hurts. Sighs, can't you just see what i'm trying to do? I know it's probably not worth it, but I have no idea why I try and try anyway! Maybe one day you'll feel the same way. sighs. maybe, hopefully..

Sorry, you probably have NO idea what i'm talking bout lol. Just venting. The ups & downs of life right? Probably why i care so much is because this is the most consistent "up" i have in my life right now..

she rocks

By Farahin
One day...

maybe just one day, i'll be able to play like her.


By Farahin
exam's just around the corner, and i have lots to catch up on..
a part of me can't wait for this semester to be over with, but a part of me doesn't.
New semester = harder subjects = more changes. not really a fan of changes.
there should be a pause button when everything seems to be right, and happy.

Quite a lot on my mind right now. No, not just academics/work. I'm always easily bothered by the little things. relationships. friendships. life. hmm i miss school & pre-u life.

on a different note, i played netball after SOOO many years!
my feet don't really seem to stick to the ground. slid on the court like 4 times. specs flew once.
quite tired now, but refreshed. okay la, back to grey's anatomy! =D


By Farahin
i didn't know he can singggg!


Girl friends

By Farahin
I feel like i have so few girl friends as compared to guy friends.
Where have they gone to?
Actuarial needs more girls..


By Farahin

First time gonna experience negative degrees! woo!
Jom kita ber-hug together-gether XD


By Farahin
2 major assignments due Monday
Finance Quiz Monday (Most probably)
Econ Test Tuesday.


If i'm not in a good mood, you'll understand why.
I'm already exhausted. Can't wait to get all these over and done with.

Of Sydney and Birthdays

By Farahin
Just 2 days ago, we celebrated dearest Nini's birthday. It was fun fun fun! I think a lot of ppl had fun even though it wasn't their birthdays. Surprised her with 2 cakes! 1 was a decoy and for Shen to smash it. Made a video for Nini. Hopefully she liked it.

Then we went to Belconnen next day to taste Chef Joshua's cooking. He really treated us like royalty! Felt so welcomed hahha.. He cooked turkey meatballs and pumpkin rice. My 1st time eating.

At night Shen & I cooked dinner for Nini. Menu: Black pepper chicken, oyster sauce bak choy and beans. Then off to Jasmine's celebration.

Tonnes of pics and videos on facebook if you wanna see.
Sydney 5-9 April!!

Day 1: Went around Randwick and cooked Bday dinner for Peiru.

Day 2: Blue Mountain

Day 3: Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Chinatown, Seafood Mkt

Day 4: Taronga Zoo

Day 5: Bondi Beach

Sorry this post is really rushed. Not much details. I have 4 assignments due this 2 weeks gulps!!!
Bye bye~


By Farahin
I might not have known how to play guitar if it wasn't for her:

Ahhh those days of playing Michelle Branch & Avril songs were the best!
You feel like your own rockstar ;)

Video again!

By Farahin
when the rest of your life depend on that very moment..


some people

By Farahin
... only come to you when they need something.

Concert in my room!

By Farahin
Yes, unfortunately was unable to go for Kelly's concert 17 April in Sydney. As it is i'm so stressed out about work. So, today decided to have a Kelly Clarkson concert in my own room! Thanks to AOL and Youtube!

I told you everything
Opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright
For once in my life
Now all that's left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together, but so broken up inside
'Cause I can't breathe
No, I can't sleep
I'm barely hangin' on

Here I am, once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But you won't get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

New resolution!
Be more serious =.= (or should i stay lame?)


By Farahin
i really wanna post about the awesome sydney trip, but the guilt.. urghhh!

2 assignments due and 2 mid sem exam next week.
Please let me just get through the next coming weeks..

Wanted to go DFO again today but can't afford to. The weather's sooooo freakin cold i turn on the heater almost the whole day! feel guilty for using up so much electricity. omgosh so much guilt!! LOL


By Farahin
I'm back from Sydney!! in a nutshell, it was AWESOME!
Will post more bout it later on. Pictures are on facebook!

Now i'm up to something a lil bit mischievous. So difficult to keep it to myself. sighs.
I hope i know what i'm getting myself into. I think i can manage ;)

Just got back MATH1115 results. It's.... not as good as i expected but i'm contented.
Lets just say i passed =)
Sighs haven't gotten started on work. I should. I'd better.

This is a weird post XD


By Farahin
Yayyyy the much awaited break is here! What better way to celebrate the end of Math1115 mid-sem exam than out celebrating Edward's birthday and McD!! I think i might just manage a pass for this course..

Last night we had a FEAST at nini's place. Menu: butter prawns, curry chicken, kurma chicken, beansprouts & cabbage. Then played mafia til 1.30am hahaha XD (yesss still one of my favourite games ever)
Slept for like 6 hours only. Went shopping at DFO yay!!
I didn't buy THAT much kay. Just the 'necessities" like my bag to bring to Sydney hehe.

I'll be in Sydney from 5th to 9th April soooo excited!
But at the same time, i don't want it to come so fast, because then it'll end so soon! (just like genting..)

Been streaming shows online lately. Megavideo uploads really quick.
I might wanna turn in early tonight zzzz..

don't know what i would do

By Farahin
.. if i didn't have you!


**i hope you know who you are ;)


By Farahin
Sometimes I hate it when science or medical students think that their field is the ONLY field that matters and that's difficult.

I know what you do is important and stuff, but that's not a reason for you to look down on Arts/Business students. It's just as difficult, only in a different perspective.

Of course, this does not apply to all science students. Just the few.

Sorry, just venting. Mid terms this week! eeeep!

Can't Break Thru

By Farahin
Childhood favourite song XD


i was a dreamer before u went and let me down

By Farahin


By Farahin
Hmm minus all the time i used to watch TV back in Malaysia, i thought i'd have more time. somehow i don't even have time for a proper post!

Anyway went Skyfire last night. It was pretty nice. 8 outta 10!
Pics on facebook. too slow to load here. hahaha. didn't take a video but joshua & nini did.
It was muchhhhhh nicer to see and witness it with my own eyes. Watching through those camera lens jsut doesn't give the same feeling. After i reach home, i ate cereal. i eat A LOT. sigh wonder how heavy i weigh now. LOL.

Urghhh so much work to do so little time, too much distractions.
Lol gtg. can't wait 2nd april!!! holidayyyyyyyyy

i'm done

By Farahin
with people who's nice to you at 1st just because they had no one else.

with people who treats you like you're invisible.

with people who leeches of others.

with these people.

i'm done.

Whataya want?

By Farahin
It fits so well. If only.


So Close

By Farahin
Lets quote Enchanted's Jon McLaughlin's "So close" yeah?

And almost believing this was not pretend
Let�s go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far

Yes this is another one of those vague posts. I don't really feel like talking bout it right now. It's not about a person k!

On a different note, canberra's great, people's great yada yada yada.
Don't really have much to do now besides tutorials. I wanna play the guitar but so lazy to go to music room. Maybe i should look into buying one. hmm probably not a bad idea. haha. The donation box is currently open to those with generous hearts (ahem RACHEL ahem). You can even donate me your PaulReedSmith guitars if you'd like (ahem RACHEL ahem).

Pictures are on facebook so that everyone can see. I'll probably post some up here soon. Meanwhile, keep in touch!


By Farahin
I feel like a lamp in a dark room.
Flies come to me when i'm lit.
Then disappears into the night when I'm extinguished.

Okay maybe the analogy is not spot-on but you get the picture.
Sucks if this were to continue for the next 3 years..


By Farahin
I've arrived!

It's been nothing but FUN!
Will update the details once i move into Toad Hall tomorrow. It's quite sad actually since i have to leave Nini's place cos i've loved staying/sleeping with her XD

Lets just say it's a small small world. Everyone's connected in a way or another lol.
Bought my linens/manchester, kettle and such but i dunno how to fit it in my small small room (i hear it's 3m X 3m).

I have a new phone number! I'm using THREE and i got a nokia 6760 slide woo! the one i wanted. everybodyelse got the boring phones like blackberry/E71. LOL!

Senior showed some useful shortcuts today which was really useful!
I dunno what electives to take yet in my 2nd sem.
Out of nowhere, there's this weird accent coming out of my mouth at times. It's not even Australian, i dunno what it is! haha. but everything's good so far hehe. til next time, ciao~


By Farahin
In a few hours time i'll be leaving to the land down under yo!

Mixed feelings. Sighs i don't even know how to feel. I don't wanna go yet, but it's kinda exciting especially sicne i'm going with a group of ppl! Haven't really settled accommodation, that's a bit worrying but i guess everything happens for a reason. Wasn't as lucky as Nini and Shen to get a place on-campus, but I have Kek Sheng around! Yay!

Luggage is SO overweight. I seriously don't know whatelse to cut down. They're all my necessities d. Anyway, I might not have that MAS Grad Card, but i have my credit card woo!

Anyway, before i go, just wanted to "ber-raya" a bit.
Sorry if i have done or said anything out of anger or sadness. Sorry for all the times I've been too noisy in class. Thanks to everyone who has made me who i am today. I've been waiting for this moment all my life. It's what i've been studying for. But when the time comes, I don't wanna leave. Hope to see you guys there in OZ kay? Have a safe trip, and to all, take care! =)


By Farahin
is the number of days left.

I just found out myself.
7th feb is the magic date.
I'm SOOO not ready!

tonnes of things to be done, but most of all, my VISAAAAA...

on a different note, i feel slightttttly wealthier =)


By Farahin
That's how i feel about going back to INTI. Okay actually more about meeting up with friends.

.. and then there's a full day event on Wednesday!
It's the much awaited JPA pre-departure briefing. ka-ching!
Will let you know how the blazer turns out.

Btw, i FINALLY got my eCoE! I can FINALLY apply for my visa yay! but not yet with all these briefings..

Been watching TV series on laptop everyday. It's fun. I wouldn't mind doing this for the next few months but i can't. Monk ended exactly how i wanted it to end. Glad it did.

Thank you Soft Kitty

By Farahin
Soft kitty, warm kitty,
Little ball of fur,
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
Purr purr purr.

Brightens you a lil bit when you're down, doesn't it?

Not always

By Farahin
They say birds of a feather flock together.

Sometimes I don't really think that's true.
At least not in my case.

Smart is the new sexy indeed

By Farahin
Addicted to Big Bang Theory right now.

Currently watching season 2 episode 17 (couldn't find episode 12).
It's hilarious and just brightens my day. I actually laugh OUT LOUD.
Loveeeeee Sheldon! he's so funny!!!

Go watch it. it's worth it.

dedicated to

By Farahin
2 of my closest friends ever:

Rachel Tong Wai Mun

Classmates and known each other since std. 3 (streak was broken when we went to TBS)
Close friends since form 1.
Never had the same taste in music.
Never had the same taste in guys (I approve of Gary, don't worry).
Never had the same IQ (you're much better, especially in Biology).
Never had the same luck in love (nyehehehe!).
Laughed almost everyday in high school.
Tolerated my every ups & downs, including my complaints and stress issues.
Both have the tendency to check our reflection in every reflective surface.
Both share the same type of humour (she's the only one who gets my jokes!).
Taught me a lot on things that you don't learn in school (ahem. you know what i mean).
Impressed by her humility.
Deceive me with her innocent looks (she's SO not).
Made me the person i am today.

I could go on & on about her.
Bottomline: Love you Rachie! and you too, will always be my kawan baik! ;)

Nathalie Ker Si Min

Classmates and known each other since std. 3.
Close friends since std 6.
We clicked the moment you sat next to me in class.
Always laugh at the things i say even though i know you think it's not funny.
Went into St Johns together for 5 years straight.
She can do it all.
One of the best in using bombastic words (scrabble, debates, and now law!).
Blur but cute.
Very down-to-earth. Never forget her roots.
Not your average girl. Definitely one-of-a-kind.
You rock Nat, so don't ever think any less of yourself ;)

May we be kawans for many more years to come! =)

go away

By Farahin
Today i realised that some people just have no purpose whatsoever in life. They just have too much time on their hands. This fella called my phone (i think he either dialled at random or got the wrong number).

So, i said nicely, "hey, wrong number" and hung up.
He then messaged "boleh kenal tak?" =.=
Then he called like 3 times and i rejected it la duh.
He messaged again "maaf saja nak kenal" (as if that's gonna make me answer his call).
He called 2 more times then i decided to let my brother answer my phone.
He hung up immediately and left me in peace =)

Sad to say, i'm partly ashamed on his behalf.
This freakin fella's number is 01233661**.
Whoever you are, go do something more productive. You annoyed me.

Back in Business

By Farahin
5th Jan 2010

Lih Jing came back from Aussie and organized and outing. I haven't seen her since school! She picked us (minus Rachel) up and brunched at ikea (why ikea ar?). Fun fun fun until Rachel had to ditch us for her college buds XP Jing got us each a TIMTAM from aussie! i got the double-coated flavour. thanks jing.

Went back to sleep before the much-awaited-night. but failed. when i WANT to sleep, i couldn't. Then worked for CNY deco. It was so so soooooo much more work than stocktake. It was more of a mental challenge this time. I think i stood for about 10 out of 12 hours. No fun at all since i was stuck in the building room writing internal forms. Some of them were luckier - they got to build the stuff and actually decorate. Wei Keen even got to work with phin wern and drilled through pillows. oh the upside is that we got free shirts. Then Wei Keen sent me home. hehe these 2 days was lucky enough to have friends who are awesome enough to fetch me. XD

came back, and learnt to cook the family recipe for nasi lemak. trust me, it's the BEST ever. It's been in the family since my grandma's grandma. Then i slept almost the whole day. At night was happy to learn that the uni placements are out and...
it's official, ANU here i come!

congrats to all!

Now i can FINALLY say that i'm going to ANU ;)

i heard

By Farahin
that there is a new headMASTER at smkdu!
that hasn't happened since 2 headmistresses ago.
... and it's a chinese guy! that hasn't happened since who knows when!
with this, i hope there will be less bias-ness.

this is a weird post to welcome the 2010.

2009 has been an eye-opening, awesome, bittersweet year because:
  • i learnt to play volleyball.
  • i've officially left INTI!
  • i've had the awesome-mest roommie ever!
  • my classmates are my floormates (convenient much!).
  • i've discovered new things about myself.
  • i realised i hate lizards even more than ever.
  • it's my last year to celebrate big events with family.
2009 was also an awesome year for music. i like pretty much everything i hear on the radio! who can forget: poker face, boom boom pow, you belong with me.

2010 is foreseen to be filled with lotsa adventure & new experiences.
can't wait! (..or can i?)

btw, i think a bunch of us are so over with fireworks.
still, i miss previous year's celebration at ling's!
but seriously, pollution's increasing to the max with so many fireworks in one area. LOL.