Urghhhh kickers

By Farahin
I've been unlucky in the cinema.

Somehow I always get a seat in front of an ignorant, rude soul.
Come on, i know your legs are long (even though sometimes they're not). Can't you just keep it to yourself and not tap or kick my freakin' chair?

Imagine a super long movie like Avatar. i had to just sit there and "enjoy" your suspense throughout the movie. It only made the whole movie experience a whole lot worse. I even get to stretch out my neck by turning behind to give u the dirty look a time or two (more than 5 times actually). Can't you just get a clue? You don't expect me to ruin everyone else's peace & quiet by shouting at you, do ya?

Right after the movie, i stood and gave you a loooong stare. I hope the message sends through because i believe you're smart enough to not need me to spell it out for ya.

This goes out to all you "kickers" out there.


9 freakin' hours

By Farahin
O-m-gee i tell you.

reached immigration a lil before 7.30am. went home at 4.30pm =.="
cmon, they started with 1001, my number was 1146!! they only attended to me at 1.55pm. (actually i came the day before but the number finished?)
After that, another 2 hours to wait for the passport. luckily we were smart enough to hang at skypark subang terminal.

Don't EVER go there during school hols. i dint have a choice. The most UNproductive day ever! but thankfully managed to finish it in one day.

While waiting, got some recent news. hmm UAC offers are out, popo passed on, lady asked me how to use her canggih nokia E series when i was teaching my mum how to use hers (i dun even use a nokia).


Anyway, sent out lik 70-80 smses while i was there, including yi ling's mum!

Here's how it went (or something like this hehe..) :

her mum

Hi auntie! how are you doing? hope you're having a great xmas and new year's!

hi farahin! just saw ur sms. handphone in handbag cannot hear. am fine but miss yiling. yum char with with u if u cme to 1u lah! happy hols & 2010 to u too.

haha i have been chatting with yiling. she seems to be enjoying the snow there. just lemme noe when u wana yamcha ;)

aiyo better off msn. when she see me & hear me she will cry (awww yiling!). then her father will be so annoyed with us.

haha so sweet :) she's settled d. dun wrry auntie. i wana try webcam with her la see she cry onot hehe..

haha you can try! it's natural for girls & nth embarrassing to cry!



By Farahin
It's good to reward yourself once in awhile.
I always do after a major exam or something like that. So this time, i reward myself with:

New crocs yo!


Brings back childhood memories:

Yes, i like to build robots, cars and structures. so what? =p

Out & About

By Farahin
Haven't been out much lately. These are the ones with pics.

Shen's 19th Bday @ Curve.
Watched New Moon (for the sake of Jacob only actually).

Later that night i got really sick. We were out for quite awhile but didn't seem that productive haha. Jess went back earlier booo.

Zombieland @OU

Rachel fetched me & Jo in her quite-new-not-proper-car. She was bragging bout how much her plate number suits her: WSX. pretty much XD

Lunched @Pasta Zanmai again. haha not bad la. the pizza was nice!

eh i just notice rach's shirt got typo!!! hohoho!

Wanted to watch princess & frog but since Su Wen planned to watch the next day, we kesian her so we watched Zombieland. They tricked me. They said it was funny. It was, but i just assumed it was lik a scary movie kinda show. Turned out to be super gruesome & STRESSFUL! I cannot sit still watchign that movie with all those zombies running after them.

Went to meet up with Nat & Jamie at Padini (of all places right?).

Hehe Olivia you jealous? *wink*

Rachel's high-tech mini TV. Side parking & reverse parking no longer a prob!

The awesome threesome!

Hope there will be more soon.
Not really in the mood to do FOREX right now la. Zzzz..

Ear to ear

By Farahin
Slept at 11.30pm last night. Woke up at 4.30am (probably cos mum and all getting ready to go to Bangkok). Just as i wanted to resume my sleep, Jo Anne messaged! (thanks!)

And so rushed to the fastest/nearest notebook to check. Took few deep breaths and tadaa!
19 19 17 19 18. Was pretty disappointed at 1st cos no merits (i want one!).
After I clicked the Tertiary Entrance, i was grinning from ear to ear. Words can't describe how happy thankful i was to meet the requirement. Woke some people up & even called Nini. Didn't feel bad at all for waking them up XD

The downside: I'm probably gonna find SOME way to meet Yi Ling's deal. I'll try to negotiate =p hehe. Still don't know how she got A20 for freaking english last year.

Anyway, congrats to ALL! Hopefully everyone can fly.

Baked cookies last week. Yummy!

homemade Ts

By Farahin
Few days ago sis came back with two xmas tees which were quite cool.
They have Velcro on them which allowed other objects to be stuck on.
The objects are quite random though.

I think we camwhored for like almost an hour. =.=

btw, i doubt that results will be out tomorrow. hope i can sleep peacefully these few days.
excited bout tomorrow! rachel's driving us!!! wish me luck!

Click it!

By Farahin
Monday, 14th Dec 09
6 a.m.

The Moment of Truth

Here we go.
All the best!


By Farahin
I am bored to death at the moment. seriously. i think i could even go into depression.

i can't sit at home all day urgh. wanna go out with rachel but she's only free on fridays. i miss ling!!!! come backkkk for holiday!!!

anyway there seems to be so much preparation left:
  • apply visa (that's only do-able after results).
  • to renew or not to renew passport? currently it's expiring mid 2012 so i'mma have to transfer the details of the new one to the visa which CAN be quite mafan. But i dunno if they'll allow me to renew now. if i renew now, i get it at half price. I've emailed Aussie embassy bout sum stuff but it's taking 2 working days + weekends.
  • Haven't really shopped for stuff i need to fly (since mum practically ask me to buy everything there, i'm gonna have nil quids there).
  • a stack of JPA papers which i don't wanna touch any time soon.
feels like this is the most unproductive holiday ever. if only i have a car. urghhh so bored. somebody entertain me!

Edit: I went out. I'm a happy girl! yay..


At the peak - Days 2 & 3

By Farahin
Day 2 started off with the girls straightening our hair. Don't ask why. Karin's hair was already super straight so she didn't need it. hehe.

On the way down, this lady was telling us how the elevator stopped the last time she took it, so now she's paranoid. Brekkie at McD again. Made friends with this cute lil boy by helpin him get sauce. Then, off to play!

Urgh. Silly dragon that drove us crazy.

When checking in on Day 1, saw a bunch of people carrying this cute lil dragon. Now i know why they drag this thing so proudly! it's so hard to get. We probably spent RM30 to win this thing. (but we failed). We can't even toss a coin onto a plate. Sounds simple enough, try it.

Then there was this pink seahorse! No luck too..

So lemme introduce you to this bear Vid won at a duck fishing game. He's our mascot for the day.

The 1st ride. it was a bit high. hahaha.

I liek this pic. They look like they're in some other country.


My 1st time on the teacup ride. Usually i dun take family rides you see. Unfortunately, that day, it was foggy til only the family rides were open. Some guy puked in the teacup. After that nobody else was really spinning.

We looked wet from the previous ride. was drizzling.

Crazy dude eating ice cream in the rain

The ones with umbrella (without hoodie)

.. and the ones with hoodie.

Eric on the right!

That night, wanted to watch 2012 but no tickets. So we settled for Christmas Carol. I slept after the 3rd ghost appeared. Shen screamed "this is the worst 13 bucks i ever spent" after the movie. you get the drift.

Nope. Day 2's not over yet. We bathed and all, then off to apek's room to play cards. Then Shen taught us this Mafia game. Some murderer/detective/doctor game. haha was really fun since people kept considering our personal lives. I was even tricked by Jun Hao, grr. This ended up being our game whenevr we're bored. Slept at around 5am.


Day 3 - Woke up at 8+am.

Hotel brekkie yay! Wasn't as bad as we were told. But there were tonnnnnes of humans everywhere! We spent lik >10mins searching for our friends in the place. All i rmmbr was the omelette was worth the wait hehe.

The only pic i have with Karin!

Then left early cos didn't wanna miss the bus again. Arrived an hour early so we played the mafia game again until the bus arrived!

Didn't know that i wasn't invincible to motion sickness. Even though i slept, i still woke up with the sick feeling until i got down. We part ways with thsoe taking LRT. I was the only one going to Serdang. The boys were worried we couldn't get into the train cos 5pm train was delayed. It was seriously the PACKEST train i've ever seen or been on period. Even sardines would say it was packed! When i got out, i never felt more relieved in my life. Phew.

That was the story of the 3 day genting adventure. Hopefully we can go to Gold Coast and do this again!

At the peak - Day 1

By Farahin
Day 1 - 18 Nov 09

Slept at Vid's room in block E. Came back to block A, bathed, got ready and off we go! That's 11 people consisting of 4 roses & 7 bodyguards!

On the ktm bus

We reached KL Sentral with 30 mins to spare! Not much time to eat though, so we tapau-ed McDs. Unfortunately had to throw away the drinks =( Could say we ALMOST missed the bus though hehe..

On the Genting bus

Yes, the incident which sparked my fear of heights more than 10 years ago.
I rmmbr it had holes underneath my feet & I could sea the sea!

I don't look so nervous here, but i hardly moved.
Quite glad i wasn't THAT scared of it anymore though ;)

Waited for a 100 people to check in before we could. Meanwhile, we took some pics. Yes, we were reallyy bored.

Ei Leen says i look tall here yay!

The lobby

The guys played some chinese chess

Yay after checking in, we cleaned up and relaxed awhile. Then, dinner at Kenny Rogers and later haunted house. Haha was grabbing to Ray the whole way until his shoe laces came off. Not really worth it i think, but fun!

Don't know why my glasses seem so special =p

That's Vid's new bf. She was so scared of him until he asked "are you okay?" the next day

After that we went bowling and dropped by the arcade. Wanted to play Daytona but they had this inconvenient (but smart) system to use the card. boo. so we played photohunt instead.

I just liked the guitar the animal was holding..

And yes, the day ended with a bang!
Btw, the toilet & shower in the rooms were un-lockable & were oh-so-small. I even hurt myself while showering a couple of times (my elbow bled!).

Taylor's coming!

By Farahin
This is an update of the previous post. You know what, she IS coming!! (to Australia that is)

But but but i dunno if i'll be in Australia already at that time!
Some are already sold out! Plus, obviously she's not coming to Canberra =p

February 4 Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane Entertainment Centre SOLD OUT
February 6 Sydney, Australia
Acer Arena SOLD OUT
February 7 Sydney, Australia
Acer Arena
February 8 Newcastle, Australia
Newcastle Entertainment Centre SOLD OUT
February 10 Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena
February 11 Melbourne, Australia
Rod Laver Arena
February 12 Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Well the possibility is still there. Who knows i might even bump into her at the airport right? Well a girl can dream =)



By Farahin
Sighs. I'm so jealous of some friends who went to Taylor Swift's concert in London recently.
Now she's everywhere! really!

One day i'll see you live. one day.


By Farahin
I find it somehow very difficult to sit and watch bro, who's in the midst of spm, so relaxed!
he even bought a new dvd box set =.="

not to purposely butt in, but i'm worried for his sake also. I've tutored him before, so i pretty much know where he's at. usually the day before the paper itself, baru he comes and ask me to teach the WHOLE syllabus. A lil much for a short period of time dontchathink?

Today's raya was exhausting. Visited couple of houses. Came back and napped.
Anyway, got genting pics on fb! but there're 70 over (from one camera), so might take time to post. Watching 2012 tomorrow! better late than never. Can't wait for wednesday!

soooo tired of drama~


By Farahin
The easiest decision i've ever had to made turned out to be the best one yet. Yes, the decision to accept the offer to go do SAM 18 months ago. It has been a rollercoaster ride with the ups & downs we've gone through. Brings back memories of high school when I smile everyday without fail in INTI. Priceless things that i've learnt during the past 18 months:
  • First & most important: marks don't matter (yes, i figured this before but i'm reminded again).

  • There IS such a thing as a "happy room".

  • There's always someone better than you.

  • Once you stopped caring about what others think, you'll be happy.

  • First impressions don't always matter. Neither do others' judgement.

  • Don't take yourself too seriously. Life's short.

  • It's good to be vulnerable sometimes. It makes you feel human.

  • It's worth paying more for good, halal food.

  • You are what you eat. Your mood is what you eat.

  • Dedicated lecturers are hard to find, but not impossible.

  • You can never have enough time when you're having a blast.

  • You tend to underestimate how much you're actually blessed with.

  • There are always 2 sides to a coin.

  • Good friends are always there no matter what, through thick & thin.
    ... and i'm very thankful for that.
Shall edit from time to time if i think of other lessons learnt ;)

more to life

By Farahin
Just finished watching the premiere of Biggest Loser Asia.

Was just reminded of the hardship these people went through. Can't believe the magnitude of the impact from teasing. Some of them dropped out of school because of their appearance & the teasing. This has got to STOP. So many of them still managed to muster a smile. Love their personalities. Wouldn't wanna be in the producer's shoes cos it's a really tough decision i think.

Just think how much the perception of an ideal beauty affect the universe.
Not just beauty. the ideals period.
Looks like ENL research wasn't for nothing after all eh.

My point is, that there's more to life than good grades and being the best. Right noww i'm just concentrating on being happy. And i'm glad that i'm reminded of this.

I think i'm so bored now that i feel like writing poems again..
.. or maybe a song! woo! okay new project!
Can't wait to go outttttt~

Not-so-forgotten pictures

By Farahin
Yesss i've officially moved out of INTI hostel and now permanently staying in Subang for the next 2 months or so. Haven't finished unpacking. Gimme a couple of days. Unpacking one bag at a time. It's only been a few days and i'm already missing this bunch of peeps. Genting was freakin awesome but i only have a few pics so will wait for the rest.

Here are the pics that i forgot to upload (cos i dint have the time & broadband speed to do it):

don't ask about the pose. i dunno how it came about XD

love this lift. stairs no more!

Last presentation group. Awesome.

In her roommate's.

Shen's masterpiece at Pizza Hut. This pic doesn't do justice.

I did this on roommate's arm. Last for bout a week! =p

Measuring for blazer.

That's Jessica. She looks like she's wearing nothing but blazer. In many ways, this looks so wrong.

Weirdest/worst insect bite i've ever gotten. don't even know what bit me. Took 2 weeks to heal! Still have a scar..

Got bitten by one of my 2 white cats (the naughty one). This was the 2nd time around.

Genting post will be up shortly. Let's just say, we all were mesmerised by a freaking dragon that we were addicted to "gambling". I actually miss INTI already. Can't wait for next outing =)