North and South

By Farahin
What better day to post your possibly last family trip/holiday than the last day of an excellent year?

21 Dec 07 - 23 Dec 07

5 of us; sis, 2 aunts, friend and myself went to Singapore via aeroline! It's my 1st time going there in exactly 10 years! usually aunts will go by plane but wanna try out the new bus. Here's how the bus looks like on the inside:

The bus was playing John Tucker

Got pillow!~

Fortunately, the bus played chick flicks which were quite recent like John Tucker, Just Like Heaven, Hitch, Devil Wears Prada and Freaky Friday. Yea quite a number, i noe.. The food wasn't bad at all. hehe.

On the way there, at our first stop, guess what i spotted?

Stayed at Traders' Hotel. While waiting to check in, what better way to kill time than camwhoring?

It was aunt's 50th visit to the hotel in 5 yrs so we got free cookies and stuff.

In the evening, we went sight seeing/tour.

Then, we walked to Marina Bay (where Jo Erh will be celebrating new yr's)

After that dinner and shopping at Marina Square.
Next day, went shopping at Orchard Road ! Jo Erh and Lih Jing wanted to meet up but unfortunately I dint have the time. So we shopped from 3pm to 10 pm. yep 7 hours straight to cover the whole stretch! The only place we didn't go into was Wheelock's place i suppose.

At night

The next day, shopped in Vivo and then back home.

28 Dec 07 - 30 Dec 07

The whole family went up north to Penang to visit a few relatives. We only visited on the first day in Kulim and then off to Gurney Hotel!

The hotel's design was a bit "new" to me. The bathroom has a window with blinds that didn't work so people from across the building and in the room can see u lol. The lift was pretty slow too. Other than that everything else was great. Here's a pic outside the hotel:

Didn't have that many pics during Penang trip cos too busy having fun lolx. Oh yea! I swam for the first time in 6 years! I didn't want to but was forced by the 2 sisters. It was quite fun except for the fact that i forgot how to swim. haha. Overall, the past 2 weeks have been awesome!

On a different note.. (again)

How do u tell someone that sometimes in life you want to be independent? How do u tell someone to follow their hearts instead of their friends? How do you tell someone that sometimes you just want to be alone and start afresh? HOW?

I just wanna start over...


By Farahin
The title this time was suggested by my dear friend, Manissa!
The title is based solely on my latest weekend .....and life.

Okay so Friday night a number of us went to Jo Erh's surprise party but of course, i was one of the late comers so she was alrdy surprised by then. Actually couldn't make it at 1st but for Jo Erh's sake, MUST come ! There we talk talk talk, they played heart attack while i was eating and the fun part- i screamed "heart attack" and they all fall for it.... TWICE ! After that it got a lil crowded so a number of us went to the bedroom to play citadel. It's actually pretty fun ya noe. Then i was the first to go home cos have undang test the next day. Before i go, one last hug from Jo Erh.

Jo Erh- The tallest and most right

Saturday-Undang Test. We waited 6 hours before actually taking the test. A guy actually punched the glass door until it broke. We were this close to doing the same due to the wait. His fist was bleeding so it drop all over the floor making a blood trail. Picture was taken but currently with Manissa. So, after waiting for 6 hrs of course we don't wanna fail. Thankfully, i got 47/50 !

Sunday-A&T Bengkel. haha guessed what? this time 6 hrs shortened to 3 ! not bad. Arrived home at bout 4.30. Then, back to subang ! Received mail from Yi Ling. I miss her already even though she only left on Friday.

On a different note..

Life is filled with many kinds of feelings. A particular one surrounds me like a fence today. It's not the good kind, or else i won't be sounding like this. I'm not seeking for advice but maybe just a pair of listening ears. Warning! : May take time to open up. Most of my close friends are not here. I mailed Yi Ling bout it but she has lotsa other stuff to worry about and other ppl to help. Rachel? that girl lan c already cos too busy with gary ! haha check Hanisah's page for eye-less pic.

Friday-off to singapore! Hopefully to leave all these behind especially the painful memories. Although i doubt that's bound to happen, nothing wrong with hoping right?Besides, with time i'm sure i'll be over it. Patience right? Hanisah just got back from Sabah while Jo Anne is about to leave to Ireland. Hopefully i come back with a bright new smile before college life starts.

I quote..

By Farahin
He looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without

He talks to me, I laugh cause it's just so funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night

He walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly,
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who's got enough of me to break y heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing don't know why I do
He's the time taken up, but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into..

Taylor Swift

Freeeee at last

By Farahin
Yep SPM's over and its only been 5 days and i dunno wat to do already. So many things happened ever since my last post. I'm not sure whether i can recall all but i'll try !! Since my last post:
  • I finished all 11 exam papers of course ! Oh one of the most distinct events was during accounts paper 2. We were all so stressed out cos not enough jurnal paper and stuff when suddenly, Talisa screamed! Everyone turned around and her face was pretty red. It was because there was a huge spider on her table she claims. So, the long haired teacher went and knock the spider. Btw, our primary skool teacher was one of the invigilators.
  • I cut my hair. It's so short now i feel like i'm bald. Frotunately, it's been 2 weeks. Jia Liang claims i look very "light"? whatever that means...
  • I registered for driving with Eeshwer and Manissa. Yep Manissa's finally back from Langkawi! Starting this weekend. Wish me luck.
  • I went to KLCC ! It was pretty fun but havoc at the same time. On the way there we left Rach, Steph and Su Wen at the LRT station. haha. They were actually waiting for Alex but none of us knew.
  • I went to Live & Loud turn on the pop! Didn't plan to go actually but since got the ticket so why not. Actually wanted to go for the acoustic one with friends but it was a day b4 our last paper. Oh yea guess who i met there? Maddy ! I still don't know how she can spot me in the darkness with the crowd.. Apparently Pn. Cat was there with her nieces too.
  • I went to Cineleisure for the first time ever 2 days ago! Watched enchanted special screening night movie. It was actually for the ppl who won tix on fly fm. So, the DJs were all there.
  • I received a call from mara. Not really clear bout it though. Will be going for the talk/interview tomorrow night. Doubt i'm going for it. It's a BTEC Higher National Diploma Programme but i don't reli noe wat it is. If u do let me noe ok?
  • Gonna hang tomorrow at a friend's house and bake and play monopoly i heard? haha sounds fun. Oh yea and Jo Anne dared me to eat all her food. Watch out !
  • I baked lasagna few days ago because i didn't know what to do. Quite a lot of work haha.
  • Oh my sis's and aunt's laptops are both spoilt so i'm left with mummy's.

What i'm supposed to do this holiday:

  • Read Harry Potter.
  • Get my license.
  • Go outstation.
  • Say bye bye to Jo Erh before she leaves.
  • Take up a sport. (Pn. Cat's orders..)
  • Buy capo wth Alex.
  • Fix computer.

That's all for now la. I wanna go play games hehehe. In exactly one month's time i'll be going to college. There goes my holiday and schooling days... see ya!


High School Graduation

By Farahin
Yesterday was my graduation day even though i haven't even sat for spm. (Correction: haven't even studied for spm). Anyway i'll brief u on the whole experience ok? The preperation started on Thursday where we had our raptai and took home our robes...(Cannot show u the pic yet, keep the suspense going!)..Oh yea the raptai was so funny especially the part where the teacher said the sentence of the year. Anyway thursday after recess did nothing but watch ppl play games and talk crap ! Cards were everywhere as if exams are over only. After all, its ONLY spm rite? hahahha.. (i wish..)

Then came Friday-Graduation day !
When i came to school, i wasted no time before i start camwhoring. The lucky person to be in the first pic of the day was..

Stephanie !

After that we assemble as usual in the tapak only to put on our robes, the worst part of the day. I think i alone used about 8 to 10 pins to wear that silly thing. And we had to do it in the hot, humid weather. Anyway while waiting for the rest to be done, all i could do was... camwhore again! Since Chee Yip was the one of the few who got ready 1st, we took pics ! hehe until his battery died.

Of course there were other pics. Most of the pics were taken in the tapak since we had a lot of time hehe.

In the hall...

While returning our robes...

In the canteen enjoying our so-called buffet..

After that we all just hang in class until the bell rings.. Of course, what's a graduation without the graduation song rite? haha..led by our very own Nattie and Ellen. After school a few of us went to lunch at H&H. How interesting haha..

Today had a wedding and now my legs hurt. 7 hours of pain but all worth it. Hanisah's sis was there but not her. Hmm.. wonder what she's doin at home (studying!). Anyway my mum left to the airport to go to Japan for 3 weeks. sighs sad.. Anyways, wish me the best for spm k? For other pics msg me la. =p

One last pic..

The Best Class EVER !

Selamat Hari Raya

By Farahin
My raya this year wasn't bad except for the fact that i had a headache that day. When i went to the mosque i was surprised Hanisah spotted me 1st ! haha.. Then went home and everything was like every other year. Oh yea i got so many wishes this yr from u ppl so thanks a lot for wishing ! sorry i dint get to reply all cos i was busy. Then there was this half an hour we all spent finding for our cat. Usually when i call her she wud come one. Some of them even went around the neighbourhood to find the cat. Then, around 4 hours later she came down and we were like sighs..wasted so much time on the cat.

The next day, went to aunt's house for more than 7 hours. We played games, eat, dvd, eat again. I don't know what i did for 7 whole hours. haha. That's how i summarize my raya.

Oh yea, i got so many shows to watch !! i got my New Season of Heroes, Monk and Criminal Minds! How can i study like this?! Somebody help !


By Farahin
Wow~ today is the most tiring day of the week !! Went to 3 shopping malls and 2 restaurants in one day. All in all i was home from morning til 10 and 4 to 5.

At 10 am, i started my journey to the Gardens ! I was so fascinated there ! From the moment i walked into the building, i could smell fresh paint of the new place. Everything was super new ! Even the escalator's handle was so shiny !~ All the workers there were pretty friendly too. Oh yea! not forgetting the super cool touch screen directory ! Yea i noe i'm easily fascinated haha. Bak kata pepatah seperti rusa masuk ke kampung isit? Jo Anne should noe.. Anyway we went to so many shops that i lost count but all we bought was a digi cam.

About 2pm, we went back to Mid Valley to shop for raya and for fun. haha. I was looking for a new watch. Anyway, we shopped til we drop til bout 3pm. I bought some clothes and........ a new watch ! woo!~

So, my mum was looking for a new shoe since she's going to japan for 3 whole weeks ! (during spm summor.. no moral support!) so we walked and walked and walked (don't forget that we're fasting). Since the size that she wanted was out of stock, we decided to go 1 Utama, which means walking AGAIN.

I found out Ling and her buddies were there but by that time i was way too tired. Halfway there my lil sis was like so pale already. So i had to be her sitting partner. After playing ps2 for awhile at home, went out for dinner. Luckily dint go out as far. Only San Francisco Pizza behind my house. Dinner was nice. Too bad i dint take any pic cos i was too busy eating haha. Then, went to another restaurant to buy food for morning. And now, here i am blogging again. When am i ever gonna study..

Oh yea, to my friends who dropped by, sorry for not inviting u guys over for raya this saturday ya. It's gonna be packed with family so i'll try to arrange one for friends only some other time ok? sorry !


By Farahin
For the past week, everyone has been talkin bout nothing else but scholarships. Not to say its a bad thing though..

Okay so lets start with last Monday. I was supposed to go to school but I didn't. After watching GA, i received my first ever courier! yep it was the Asean Scholarship. I was so thankful and grateful that all 3 of us got it ! Unfortunately, only Jo Erh accepted it. She's used to the life there anyway so it was an easy choice for her. For me, hmm.. a lot of pros and cons. Moving on..

Anyway, exactly a week after that, back to school !! The first day already my friends bully me. haha they were joking when our Senior Asst heard. Then, she called me and Arif to her room. I thought she wanted to scold me or appoint me a job for tuesday night but it was about something else. Something unexpected. She showed us this letter from ISKL. They are offering 2 scholarships for International Baccalaureate worth about RM 100 000 each. Until today, dont know whether should apply. It's so far ! Apparently got a lot of Americans in that school though. hehe.

Then, that evening, everyone started calling everyone since some of them won the HELP Scholarship. Well, congrats to u guys ! Seems like almost everyone got it. Some of us still haven't receieved any feedback yet. Yep, that includes JL, Han Ming, Wee Lim, Yi Ling and me. Anyway, Taylor's is yet to come. haha!

Oh yea notice when this post is posted? hehehe. u noe today we were supposed to have 3 exam papers back to back with no break in between? crazy...

Tagged ! The sequel?

By Farahin
Yessss ! holiday is here ! actually our class have school tmr but only 10 are going i think? so we self-declare a week's holiday thanks to PMR !! So, for the past week we had our gerak gempur. This was the only exam i didn't study much cos it didn't matter since the teachers are not even gonna mark our papers (so i'm told). Anyway, it was a new experience taking exams in the Physics lab ! extra-noisy but memorable? hahaha..

Yesterday was my third interview and the funnest so far ! Almost 2/3 of the candidates were from our school. And that was why it was so fun and noisy ! Jo Erh and Wei Keen had come 2 hours earlier than they're supposed to (don't ask why). The waiting room was like hang out room. I did take a couple pics but all with Alex i think? Anyway the interviewer was very friendly and nice. She even shared her stories from the past with me.

This morning I finally watched Ratatouille!! so cute ! Oh yea regarding the title, I was tagged by Dat Han and now I'm supposed to write bout 10 things i've done in the past ! Unlike Han Ming, I'm too lazy to upload baby pics watsoever so i apologize. haha. Here we go:

1. Windows used to break on me all the time in primary school. E.g. during science class, some kid go and hit the window with a football and the window broke on me. Pn Devi was so panicked when my neck was bleeding. Until today many ppl still remember that incident (unfortunately).

2. I failed Science in standard 4.

3. I fell down the stairs when i was younger until it needed stitching (but i dint want to). Since then, i've been afraid of heights!

4. I walked into a pole and broke my first expensive watch. (I'm not sure how that happened..)

5. I never went to kindergarten but i wanted to. (i still want to)

6. I get 50 cents for every time i write my A to Z correctly ! (maybe thats why now i'm interested in business?)

7. I learnt mandarin on my own in Form 1 around there and now i can only remember a couple of words like mingtian jian..

8. I wanted to be an astronaut until i found out there have been other astronauts?

9. My first day of high school was a disaster. I was late for class after recess cos i got lost and i missed the bus home so i had to walk (under the rain!).

10. Last but not least, I cry everytime i get on a cable car. I was scared the cable got cut and i'll drown in the sea wit no life jacket! (Haven't been in one ever since i was 9. Mayb i shud try going on one eh?)

That is all for now and oh yea before i forget, you've been tagged Jo Anne and Yi Ling !


The Curse of 1 Mark?

By Farahin
Argh i'm telling u, 1 mark can determine whether you're happy or not. Lately, I have been soooooo unbelievably unlucky with my marks. Say whatever you want but deep down you would probably feel the same if you were in my shoes.

Firstly, my math result is 1 mark (technicaly 0.1 mark) less than the mark I need to get highest in the form. Yea yea kiasu whatever but i've been eyeing for that award since i dont know when. It's not really fair that the school only take the last term into account when they used to calculate the average of the whole year. I mean it's so disappointing when you're so close yet so far to your goal. Of course a few hours later i'm okay with it..until the next day.

Next, my UNSW Math results came back on Friday. Guess what I got? 1 mark less to High Distinction. Argh frustrating...Even Pn Cheng was like "Farahin, why always 1 mark less?". She even told Nicholas bout it.

After that you know the prize giving for the patriotic essay thingy? Yea 1 mark to Jo Anne's mark. Actually this one didn't really matter to me but it just adds up to the whole 1 mark thingy. About the rest of my trial results don't ask man..The first paper i got also a B4! First B of the year. These things really bring u down until you have no hope alrdy. Anyway i'll get over it, i just need time.

Can't believe 1 mark determines so much.

My First...

By Farahin
So many first experiences happened this week !

My First Interview

Thursday 06/09/07 i went for the ASEAN Selection interview at Eastin Hotel. Before i left home i could hardly eat cos was too nervous. Interview's at 4pm but have to arrive by 3.30. Instead I arrived at 3.10!! Anyway so I went to the 3rd floor and when i reached the 4th boardroom, there was this girl who suddenly pass me her phone, passport and letter to look after. Considering she din't even know me, i could have run away with her passport and phone ! Then, register time ! we were supposed to pick a cert for them to focus on and one of the guys had high distinction in UNSW Science while the other from Ipoh was top 1% of his school. Then another girl from kelantan came and i think she was a runner cos she was telling the lady the cert was for 10km. Felt so intimidated since all I have was the mensa 180.

So, waited for bout 40 minutes for my turn. 4pm sharp, i went in the boardroom. Surprisingly wasn't very nervous. There were only two of them, both ladies. Other people went in for like 15 mins and I had to go in for 20 mins ! One of the longest 20 mins of my life !! Imagine they ask u tough questions non-stop for 20 mins. Among the ques:
  • Why Singapore?
  • Do u have any relatives or know anyone there?
  • Why ASEAN Scholarship?
  • Why not government scholarships?

Oh yea, one of the first ques was "Do u have any other friends from your school coming for the interview?" I said yes and they started to ask who and when. So i told them Jo Erh was coming today (thurs) and another friend is coming tomorrow. An hour later, they asked Jo Erh to compare me and her!! The next day, they asked Dat Han to compare me n Jo Erh ! wats with them and comparing us wei. Anyway i thought Dat Han's answer was professional and sweet ! He said sumthin like "I will not compare them since they're my friends and I will not say anything to jeopardize their positions." Anyway after my interview, i went out of the room with a sigh and heard jo erh screaming my name since she just came. Then other ppl started to ask bout the interview also. Sometimes i feel a little bad for those who had to sacrifice to come here from Perak and Kelantan when I live 5 mins away.

My First Big Apple Doughnut

Yesterday I went to the Curve to relax a bit after a long stretch of sleepless nights and stress. Since i hardly go to curve, i never get to try the doughnuts even though i know they were there since b4 my bday. Never had the time until yesterday ! i don't reli see wats so special bout it. Maybe its just softer and fresher to me? hahah...

My First Time to Tesco

Yea i know sounds kinda sad never been to tesco. Usually i go to carrefour since its nearer to my house. Tesco is so crowded! i don't like crowded places... Oh but the trolley was very smooth. hahah.. At least now Jo Anne and gang cannot tease me for not going to tesco! Now I just have to focus on going to Cineleisure since i haven't been there b4 ever !

My First Time Losing 20 marks

Yes I have to complain bout my bio essay ! my whole essay ques is wrong cos of my carelessness and stupidity? The question says to write a report so i did an experiment report! argh how silly! But I heard quite a lot of ppl did that as well.

My First 8 hours of sleep after 3 weeks

Yep Friday night i slept for 8 hours ! All these exams made me sleep 4.5-5 hours a day only. It's not that bad compared to some ppl lke Jo Anne and Han Ming who sleep like 0-3 hours a day only.

Oh yea today's a BIG day for Wei Keen since he's finally 16 and for Steph since she get to watch her HSM2... hahaha!


Merdeka !

By Farahin
Yesssss.. weekend !! plus an extra holiday due to merdeka day! since today's our national day, i decided to "free" myself from any books. My brain cannot take it anymore. Anyway for the past 4 days I had my trials and I think I screwed all of them !! You know I so screwed my add math this time. Firstly, I wasted 10 mins DURING exam to find my teacher to ask bout the scale of the last ques. and then finally she changed the scale of the graph. While I was waiting for my teacher's response, another teachr as me to help her. Then, I used the wrong progression formula when I alrdy had the terms figured out. How careless can I get? And physics was just a blur for me especially the essay part. BM's novel part was expected but the rest I don't even noe wat I crapped. Anyway, what's done is done. I just wanna release my tension thats all. haha.

Yesterday after school went to Hanisah's house as usual for tuition. While waiting 4 teacher, guess what did we do? It was the silliest yet fun thing to do ! We watched............ High School Musical Concert. Steph brought the CD to school. Don't ask how many times we watched it b4 tuition k? hahaha embarrasing..

Oh yea. The wait is finally over ! I got the letter last last wednesday ! Hence, I have an interview this comin thursday. Don't know what to prepare. Among the 3 ppl who got it I'm the first to go so I don't really noe what to expect. I haven even decided on what to wear. Wish me luck okay?

Today went to ou. I've never seen ou so jammed before! The car park was so packed that we had to park outside. My family and I have been very patient today & I don't know why. After the 45 min wasted finding car park, we wasted another hour waiting for a table during lunch and another 20 minutes for our food to arrive. In the end, we only started eating at bout 4.15. Oh yea today's a lucky day for rachel. She ask me to anounce that she'll b busy playing today. hahha..

I know I complain a lot, but actually I appreciate many things too. Here are 5 things I appreciate 10 times more than anything else ! (5 x 10 = 50 yrs merdeka get it?) haha.
  1. My family & friends of course (sounds cheesy I know)
  2. The food ! (Unlike Su Wen, I actually eat haha)
  3. One utama ! (Like no other shopping malls wei)
  4. My class 5 Jati 07 !
  5. Technology! (e.g. TV & handphone) although I hate those during exams. hehe.

Anyway, the bottomline is that I'm thankful to be a Malaysian and even though I really hope to study abroad, there's no place like home! Thanks Malaysia hahaha..

I'll update more next week when the tough papers are over!!


Time Flies

By Farahin
For the past 4 days, i haven't done anthing !! a part of me feels guilty. Usual routine: TV, games, internet, chat, guitar, sleep, phone ! Anyway, I just got my belated birthday present! that time I din't have anything that I need/want. So Sunday had to go through the suffocating crowd in ou but was worth it ! thanks to daddy! hehe check it out !! :

My very own Nike Free ! (unfortunately wasn't free of charge)

Oh yea on Saturday i cooked spaghetti again. And this time was better than the other times. Third time's a charm? (excluding the one at hanisah's hse). Wished i took a pic but I dint. haha too hungry at that time i suppose. So many people went on vacation last weekend. I'm stuck at home resting.

Anyway school gave us like a stack of papers to do during the holidays. Have to sign summor after u finished. Only add math got answers. No use la the rest since won't know the answer. Here's my to-do list:

It's like KLCC wei ! Wish me luck !

11 subjects in one week? seems impossible.. I'll die trying !! haha..


Still Waiting.....

By Farahin
Holidays !! yeahhhh !! A few hours ago I was having my trial exam. The first day of trial on the last day of school. Hm.. it? Anyway, bm was not as terrible as i thought it would be. Only wasn't too sure bout the karangan berpandu. The worse thing bout bm exam was....the cough! I was coughing my heart out for like 5 mins straight! Everyone in class was practically staring. Even Pn. Cheng gave me the "Are you okay? don't die!" look. But I was better in no time thanks to strepsils ! My voice is still different. Steph and Hani thinks i sound like a duck. Argh BI was a disaster. I think my continuous writing was too short. It was shorter than usual no idea why !!

Anyway talk of the week-scholarships. Tuesday in phys tuition, I found out Chee Yip got the call from HELP alrdy. After tuition more and more ppl told me they got the call. Practically everyone who applied got thru except for the 10 of us. The next day, I started to worry when i get some remarks like "farahin, are u sad they dint call u?" and "oh they called everyone who got thru yesterday adi la". Coincidentally, the "rejected" ones were sittin round ONE table at the phys lab. Among us were Jo Anne, Nat, Han Ming, JLo and Wei Keen. I wasn't really complaining on being in the same boat as them cos i noe they're all really good. In school everyone was talking bout the calls the whole time. Then, 4.02pm that evening Han Ming msged that he just got the call. 2 seconds later, i got the call! woo! But then after awhile we all dint really feel "exclusive" since everyone got it. I'm still grateful though =)

The next day(Thurs), I skipped school cos nobody was going (only 10 boys + 2 girls turned up). Then when I was having lunch Jo Anne called and asked whether I got the letter from Singapore. I was so blur cos I dint get any letter. Then I checked and called Wei Keen. He also got the letter. Oh well, I wasn't the only one that dint get the letter. Today, JLo told me he recevied the letter also but he was quite down about it. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the letter. Accepted or rejected is part of life i suppose. Even if i get it, mum doesn't want me to go there. Oh well.

Tonight's interact's installation. I dint go os this yr i reli dint go for any interact meetings ! I tink i wore the uni like twice only. The theme was Hollywood Glamour until it stirred up some misunderstanding between the club and the school. Then they changed it to i dunno wat la. Rachel's been waiting for this day cos she get to wear a dress for the first time ! haha to see her you-noe-who la. Anyway hope you guys have fun. I js feel like relaxing and watching movies! I'm going to watch Fantastic 4 II or Night at the Museum soon ! so see you soon bloggy !


By Farahin
Okay for 2 whole days I felt so "unheard" ! that's because I didn't have any voice to talk ! actually I planned to take study leave on friday but instead i got MC for that day and I couldn't study or do anything at all cos i kept sleeping. Grrr drowsy medicine.. So tough to go to accounts tuition and not talk cos i'm always noisy there.

Trials in 5 days !! and yet i still don't have the study mood. Nowadays going to school is pretty boring and dusty ! boring cos most of them have "food poisoning" and dusty because of the silly construction right outside our class ! We can even see the workers from inside the classroom. Hopefully trials will be in the hall. The down-side: have to carry the 100 kg table there. Yes I'm very slow when carrying tables. How slow u ask? Lets just say i might be even slower than Su wen !! So hint hint to u guys out there who might wanna help me carry this thurs! hahaha.. Wonder who wil be the "lucky" one to sit near X... hmm we shall wait and see yea?

NS results are out. Not really excited bout it. I didn't get chosen (yet!). If i don't get chosen for he first badge then hopefully won' get chosen at all la. Seriously, waste my 3 months. The good thing bout it is just making new friends. Other than that? Nil. Anyway the lucky ones include Nathalie Alex and Han Ming ! (i heard).

To buy or not to buy? Hmm as some of u might noe, I'm planning to buy the nike free but i don't know if i should. Actually i feel guilty of buying even though dad's willing to buy. Oh yea, remember bout the extra bone i blogged bout few yrs ago? I feel that it's geting worse but mayb its just psychologically. To tell u the truth, I don't wanna noe wat it is not because i'm scared. I'm petrified. Doc duno wat it is and i dont think I wanna noe too. (for now).

So many movies I wanna watch but don't have the time. Holiday's only one week ad I have 11 subjects to study !! wish me luck okay? will update soon. (hopefully).

At Sixes and Sevens Floating on Cloud Nine

By Farahin
Guess who's back? sorry took me so long. Been very busy. What an eventful 2 weeks ! I shall update u one by one ! Lets not waste anymore reading time ! Here it goes:

1. Floating Class

With reference to the above title, my class is officially the one and only floating class of 2007..How "lucky" we are. Anyway we've been floating ever since I stopped blogging. Now we're currently living in the short-circuitable physics laboratory unless another class comes in, then we become nomads. The first week was terrible. We were at sixes & sevens cos we didn't noe where to go. Oh yea, did u noe that our "house" can be short-circuited by just a paperclip?

2. Simpsons The Movie

Watched on Saturday after accounts tuition. Actually planned to watch on Friday evening after school but was swamped with accounts homework due friday night. Plans cancelled. Anyway movie was great. Funny! You should watch too. The down side was that there were pretty annoying ppl in that cinema. I like to watch movies in silence. Don't you? Something related to the movie:

Simpsonized me ! (supposedly..haha) -courtesy of sis-

3. Exams

Pre-trials had come and gone. Luckily, we were only tortured for 4 schooling days. Unfortunately, trials starts on the 16th of this month. Wish me luck. For some ppl (like rachel) doesn't take trials seriously due to certain reasons but I do so yeah. haha. A wide range of results this time. So far not bad but I have a bad feeling for agama and add math paper. Okay the add math issue: It finally occur to me how to do ques 12(a) when suddenly, Ching squared grabbed my paper and left me devastated. Proving question: WRONG. Total marks lost so far: 7m.

4. First Car Ride

Yep, I finally got my first car ride from a friend! And that lucky person is....*drumrolls* Evie ! Actually planned to walk to pizza hut after school with them when suddenly, the honk of her Myvi broke the silence (actually it was pretty no silence). I think i made the most noise there cos i was excited? haha. We took pic in the car for rememberence after but unfortunately, hanisah doesn't wanna send me the pic cos she looked ugly according to her. hahahah.

5. Cheaters

What comes in mind when u hear the word EXAMS? Yea sure, books, studying, marks..etc. To cut short the story, teachers actually don't expect us to cheat especially our class cos they think we're so quiet and nerdy. Unfortunately, there's a betrayer among us(actually more). (isit too dramatic?). Okay since I love maths, let me use equations. X=cheater. a=1,b=2 where a and b are seat numbers from the front wall. When X is at b, X gets 360 degrees of vision when compared to 180 degrees at a. Therefore, X copies answers DURING exam and AFTER exam. Speaking from experience of being copied by the same unknown, X during a major exam (a week plus), I know X's tactics well. To those taking exams: BEWARE.

6. 7th Harry Potter book

Bought the last Harry Potter book to add to my collection on the released date. Unfortunately, was too busy to read it as I have to read the 6th one again 1st. Trivia: I can't read story books/novels as fast as sum ppl, such as X (refer above). Planned to read it this weekend but maybe trials should comes first?

That's all for now. Will update more soon! By the way, notice the new chatbox over there?



By Farahin
Some thing's been on my mind and it bothers me. But unfortunately, cannot always post personal stuff on the net right? some things are better left unspoken i guess. anyway just to write down a rough idea. I've been told mayb i am too sensitive but well, i guess that's who i am. I mean i guess that's how u find out who your true friends are. People often say; don't believe in what others say. Easier said than done perhaps. Next, how to toughen up? This week i'm doing better i guess but some things remain unresolved. I jsut have to stay further away or just let it go. Most of the time, letting go is not so easy. Fortunately, I have some friends to cheer me up. I stil cannot reli like open up to someone u noe. Old scars remain. Anyway, thanks to music, i'm much better now. Okay this is a silly post but it's my blog so who cares right? haha.

Busy Busy Busy

By Farahin
Today 07/07/07

Manissa's Birthday ! Wished her at midnite. Went Hanisah's house at 9.45 cos no trans after tat. Tuition 10.30-12.30. Wanted to walk to curve after that. Instead, tumpang Roe Seann's car. Went Fasta Pasta for FREE lunch. Paid for drinks only hehe. Thanks to the foursome! Walkd around a while longer and cold storage since some of them never been there b4. lolx. Then went home and here I am blogging. No work done yet. Will soon. Sis's in singapore. Add math project has arrived. My old proj in corupted com. How?


I scored another comment from another teacher ! she complimented my pic ! hehe not bad.. cheh ok better stop this story or rachel's gonna whack me. haha. Sent up my application form along wth few others cos most o them havent finish. Prefect's installation day and guess what? hahah the best part was the "fong-er" story. Okay so there's this girl. We named her "fong-er" due to certain reasons. She actually hurt jo anne's feelings by shooing jojo from the ajk table man. So after that we were in the APD Room when she came in. Some of them wanted to lock her inside the room with us. Some were like "u mess with one jatian, u mess with the rest of us" haha funny. Then it was so awkward when she js stood there. After that she js went off without sayin anything man.


Yay no badminton this week but got tuition. What an eventful day. I rceived a comment i never thought I would. A teacher wrote on my evaluation form, "Farahin is a humble, well-mannered an helpful student". I never knew. haha. I also discovered something today. Actually quite a few things. The life lessons:
  1. Farahin + coffee = hyper (seriously, i was so hyper that teacher said i wasnt myself)
  2. Don't call teachers when they're bathing. (called pn was i supposed to noe?)
  3. Don't print on old paper. It looked off-white. (okay, this is pretty silly)

Jo Anne brought her bday cake for few lucky ones and guess whowas one of them? yep yours truly. These few days everyone seems to be busy finishing their SASA Application forms. Dateline for chopping is Friday. Almost done. Can't believe some people like Roe and Han Ming got blogs ! Even Alex ! he said blogging' a waste of time but he has one.. =.="


Jo Anne's Birthday ! I came to school a bit earlier to let rachel write the greeting on the prezzie. we got her this thingy like a musical box but its not. haha. go jo anne's profile for pics. It plays fur elise ! so cool. Today was also Jen Ai's bday. Wished her in tuition like 3 times. haha.


We all got new timetable (5th edition alrdy) for tmr onwards. guess wat? we got extra bi period nw. u noe wat that means? we'll be seeing pn shaja for another 35mins. actually we'll be seeing her every single day except wednesday.

First Ever Movie Premiere

By Farahin
This week was quite a rough week. Anyway the climax of this week was The Movie Premiere of Transformers ! It's not everyday you get to watch premieres and this was my first (hopefully not the last) one ! Okay so the premiere was on Roe's Birthday 27/06/07 at 9.30pm GSC. Went there at bout 9 and i purposely didnt bring my phone because I knew u had to check it in b4 the movie. Fortunately, met Siew Ern and her sis there ! So I hang with her for awhile before the rest of them come. Finally, near 9.30 I finally saw Eigen n Jo there and not long after that everyone was there ! All SEVEN ! Then, Jo introduced us to her godbrother who is in form 2 but doesnt reli seem like it. haha. We didnt even know she had one !! After that we checked in and we get to see the missing homer n its place again. On top it said "Welcome Home Homer". Wanted to take pic but all phones checked in by tat time. Some of them couldnt wait to get in cos they worry someone would steal their popcorn n drinks ! Yea we got free popcorn and drinks *wink wink* haha.

So after all that waiting, we finally get to see Transformers ! hehe Rachel got her wish to sit next to Jo's godparents. Eigen n Roe obivously got the twin seats at the end. The movie turned out great ! however, I did fell asleep a couple of times at bout 11.30 cos i was really sleepy ! Again, i slept not cos it was boring, but cos it was late ! I was also freezing cold in the cinema wei so couldnt reli concentrate. Then we all went home cos next day got school (which eigen dint come). Me and Sue Wei car pooled wit Nat while the rest minus Jo was wit Rach. All in all, it was a great night !

Then came the sorrows. The next day I dint know wat was up with some people. I mean i know they keep bullying me and all but childish la. Grow up man. Sick of getting bullied by such ppl. The only reason he did it cos its the only way he could feel in charge of everythinng. Male egos - hate it. Up til today, he STILL bullies me. Urgh. Sometimes he can be alright but sometimes its just too much man.

Then after that got silly badminton match. Some are just too irresponsible to let me know whether they comin or not. Then another thing happened. Hanisah + Steph didnt wana stay back and Eunice dint turn up after the whole thing. I'm so gonna get it from the teacher man. Sighs. Oh well one more month and I am done and cant wait.

Okay so now I'm done with most homework and feeling better. Tonight's Roe's birthday party at TGIF but dont think I can make it. As usual transport issues. Anyway sorry la if sounded very pissy. Just wana release my feelings. Oh yea, did i mention cut my hair?

2nd Olympiad 2nd Experience

By Farahin
Okay so today was report card day + olympiad + one utama - homework = tired. simple math hahaha.. anyway today i woke up late cos i forgot to set alarm ! so i got read in like 30 mins ! i reached school at 8.30 like that from subang. Okay so i was wondering whether she was gonna say good or bad things. Recently..she's been keeping her eye on me dunno why man!! like i cannot even laugh in class then she'll go "Farahin are u listening?". the end she just said I was very "well-behaved" which made me shocked of course. haha. Was quite happy with my position in class but not in the form. Frustrating. hahha.
Then after that straight away go UM. Out of dunno how many thousands of uniformed humans, I spotted chang fu. phew ! at least someone i noe. then i go hang with the JLo and rachel gang la. And then we saw Jen Ai and i said hi ! I only answered 6 ot of 9 questions. Questions seemed easier this year than last yr. Maybe its cos we weren't allowed to use calculator this time. Okay so last yr the memorable experience was daring each other to go up to other ppl. This year was cos of Han Ming ! hahaha like Yi Ling said, he was trying to slide down the banister when he like turned 360 the other side and undr the banister. So funny you should have seen it !! everyone was looking haha. sorry ! haha.

Anyway, guess what? i'm finally 17 !~ woo ! actually dint plan on doing anything as usual cos i'm very lazy one but Stephanie called up few ppl for dinner on Tues after tuition. JLo and I followed Ling and her mum was very nice to me. hehe. We went to Marche at curve. Surprisingly only Wei Keen Ling and I've been there b4. haha they were all so blur and i felt so chun! hehe jus kiddin..Ad they surprised me with a cake ! (aww!). Then we had fun taking pics of cos..but I haven received pics from Ling, WK and Steph yet. All I have is this:

Han Ming, Jia Liang, Ling and I

Okay so after parties and report card days, I'm very tired. hhaha. so I wanna sleep soon. Still got a lot of tuition homework. Oh yea I'm currently applying for HELP SASA and probably Matriculation for back up. ASEAN ar? hmm that one doubt so la..haha. Anyway tonight will be sleepin alone since sis is at zulie's place. Oh yea guess what? I bought cookies !!

Photos Alert !

By Farahin

Okay as promised, the photos are here !! so check it out la. haha. i dunno why i feel like coming online tonight when i have other stuff to do. oh yea st john exam comin and i haven't taught them yet! such a terrible senior haiz..anyway, here it goes :

All 23 jatians..
(okay actually there were 2 cameras so we were confused!)

Rachel, Wei Keen, Han Ming, me and Bday girl

Group photo ! the crowd !!! hmm.. wonder who was taking the photo..haha!

And finally, my handshake.... look at how excited eigen was. because of him, i don't think i can go eat there anymore. haha!

New Week !

By Farahin
Yep u guessed it. School has begun. Unexpectedly, this week was not reli a bad week after all. My results were better than wat i expected (i mean really). I thought cannot got A1s or even A2s for some ! Actually I was really happy with it la. haha. As it turns out, I got all A1s and 1 A2 for BM. Okay so here's the story behind our bm marks. Only 2 ppl got A1 in the whole class. There is a rumour that she is STILL angry with our class after that day. She was teaching as usual but knowing our class, its forever noisy. But that day only half the class was paying attention. So she got angry and just stormed out the class. The next day, she wrote a letter (in ENGLISH) to our class saying that she noes we're gonna do good and bla bla so some of them go up and apologize to her. At that time i was in add math quiz so i went after school. Hmm i wonder if that didnt happen mayb our marks will chg? oh well i guess we deserved it...Oh and guess what? I got my first A for essay part in english after two years of Bs, Cs and even D+ from pn chan !
Okay so on tuesday, we FINALLY get back our mensa results. We took the test like end of april. The passing mark to enter mensa is 148 and the full score is 180. Turns out 66 out of 77 ppl are eligible to enter and guess what? I passed !! I got a 180 woo hoooooo! There were a few others who got 180 also like roe seann, kok chywn, mun you n few others. That made my week !!

Then we started to take pics for our class mag. Our theme is sumthin bout gossip i think? and I get to be _______ ____. Figure that out when u buy the magazine ! hehe promote ! then we took pics together and it was so cool ! here:

The picture says it all..

Anyway, after a long week of no-studying-mood, 23 of us took a break and had dinner at italliannies in ou to celebrate ling ling's bday !! i ws supposed to surprise her but she knew i was coming..hahaha. I went there earlier to meet up with wei keen to buy her prezzie cos we reli didnt noe wat to buy ! in the end we bought her something (ask her if u wan to noe haha) right b4 we went to meet up with her. During dinner, her mum jokingly said dun bully yi ling...but can bully farahin. hmmmm so guess wat? they did. At 1st we were teasing rachel with the waiter whose name was andrew. He said to her, "miss, may i borrow u for awhile?" haha. then after that the waiter like always forget to refill my drink so they started to tease me. since then, everytime he comes to refill my drink they cheered and it was so embarrasing haha. After enjoying the food, we all took pics of course (coming soon !). Then yi ling made a speech with my name in it... not once, not twice but thrice !! maybe they'll post on youtube haha. After that took group photo and then they actually asked for the guy's number ! my goodness man.. No coming back to italliannies for me. After that I left and went sumwhere else. When i reached home i was so tired that i slept for almost 10 hours. that's like 4 hours more than usual weekdays. Anyway it was reli fun and today's fatin's bday so, happy birthday! even though she hardly goes online. haha. okay thats all for now. Next sat i have olympiad and mayb my last report card day. haha. Tata!



By Farahin
Okay so last week i went out from wed to friday. Pretty tiring. Haha also because I haven't been exercising since exams. Anyway Wed I decided to go one utama with ma buddies ! actually it was steph's idea to go watch spidey 3 ! It was a pretty nice movie ! hehe. I'm so behind in movies right now. Help ! haha..Actually in the morning that day I had to follow my sis to college so that she can fetch me after. So I stayed in Taylor's Computer lab for lik 1.5 hours. On that exact day I was supposed to go for the CLIOD thing but I decided not to go. Jo Erh said that if u go u need someone there with u to talk to or else can be quite boring. I heard she had to write songs then sing it out or sumthin. And that has nothing to do with SAM? haha.

Then Thursday, followed mum to Curve around there and bumped into Alex. Okay actually I dint reli see him but he saw me la. haha. Ate at ikea weeeee ! Then had to hang around alone while sis n mum go see some Barbie show or some sort. haha funny. Then Friday I went to make my new passport for the end of the year ! weeeee. Guess what? When I got there, my number was 1120 and the current number was 1047. Imagine how long I had to wait ! It's not like there are places to go to nearby. Nothing to do but sit and wait. Then I found out why they took so long ! The workers there were talking on the phone 24/7. After that we went to midvalley for lunch and shop !

This weekend I didn't do much but watch tv and waste time. It's so nice to just be a couch potato. haha. And nowadays I keep playing with the new kittens. Initially there were 4 but one of the neighbours took one (grrrr..).Then today, Sunday I played boardgames almost the whole day ! mayb i was too bored. haha!

There's only one more week to school and results ! oh no ! Oh yea I forgot to tell u. My ASEAN application got accepted and the test is on the 9th and 10th so wish me luck! I'm kinda worried for the english test since my senior who's under tat scholarship says that that's the hardest paper among the 3. Oh and these few days I've been thinking back on the old tv series I used to watch like Teen Angel and Noah Knows Best. I was like 7 when they were aired. So nice ! but now i dunno where else to find since youtube doesn't reli have a lot but only short clippings. Anyway, tomorrow I'm gonna cook for fun cos i suddenly feel like it. haha. hopefully won't burn down the house. If there is no post after this post, u'll noe why. hahaha jus kiddin.


By Farahin
Okay so there's this thing. Actually I don't really noe wat this thing is, but i was told that i was tagged? haha tagged by wee lim..hmm must be pretty honoured (cheh! haha). So here it goes !

10 Things You Didn't Know About Farahin !

#1 I am a freak and I know it. haha.

#2 I have skin allergies. Okay actually some people know but some people don't. I have several kinds of allergies so i shall explain now. haha. First is my exam-mickey-mouse. This type of allergy comes usually at night when exam is near. My palms will have these mickey mouse dots which really look like hidden mickeys ! Anyway the next one is sometimes my nose turns red and I'll look lik rudolph (very helpful during Christmas season haha). Oh and I'm also allergic to tall people ! cannot really walk with them cos i'll look short haha.

#3 Unlike Wee Lim and Jo Anne, I doze off once i hit the sheets. So, I practically seldom have trouble with sleeping ! Yay !

#4 I know I become very vain in class but in reality I don't believe I'm all that I've said I was. In fact, I'm jealous of all u tall people !! haha.

#5 Once I have a problem, I cannot take my mind off of it until I solve it. And that is why I keep calling people when I don't know how to do my homework!

#6 I never sang in front of anyone before. This excludes my aural teacher. I only sang like 2-3 times in a group before. I'm shy la haha. Haha pretty obvious eh?

#7 I'm afraid of being too close to somebody and that is probably why I don't really have a "best friend". I had to go through some rough patch when I was younger and the scar remains. (wow suddenly sounds so serious haha..loosen up !)

#8 I have never been anywhere outside Malaysia besides Singapore and that was like in 1995 !*Hint hint*

#9 I crave to be different. Actually I haven't discovered the real reason yet. Once I've discovered it, u'll be the first to noe haha! And last but certainly not the least,

#10 I am lame and proud of it!

So now I know what ure thinking. Are YOU on the list? Have YOU been tagged? Now I tag everybody else who hasn't been tagged !

Goodbye exams, hello holidays !

By Farahin
Yayyy ! after exactly 14 days of exams not including weekends, I am finally free ! well..not quite..i do have a few things to settle. Here's my to do list:
  1. Finish magazine pages.
  2. "Study" for career quiz?
  3. Homework.
  4. Catch up on movies.
  5. Hang out !
Anyway, after exam ended, which was wednesday 23/5/07 12.20 pm, we had to carry our very heavy tables and chairs back into class since we shifted the exam place to the hall due to the noisy and smoky construction work next to our class. But luckily, this time eeshwer and chee yip helped me carry! phew ! anyway just nice it ended on a wednesday. Hehe cause i get to watch american idol at 6 ! then the next day skipped school even though we're getting math marks back. American idol finale tops mod math ! haha..but on fri quite a lot of ppl went cos it was our last teacher's day and we bought prezzies ! we all praised the teachers like dunno wat only in the cards..haha..anyway it was i think the funnest teacher's day i've had ever ! it was like a concert in the hall especially when nathalie & emy sang !!

But the whole week i was quite worried for the stepping down on saturday. At 1st we were supposed to skip accounts but i wasn't allowed to. so i left acc early and thankfully i made it ! oh and also, thankfully they decided to sing a song that i noe so at least i could sing it. In the end we ended up performing "home" by daughtry. With nat's voice of cos dun need to worry much la hehe. Anyway Dat Han said i looked cool wit the guitar so heheheheeh.. The performances by the juniors was pretty nice ! hehe. In the end we announced the new posts. Felt quite sad that its our last work together. Anyway, when they were having a meeting, me, nat n dyan were testing out the drums ! hehehe..

After that went out for lunch in ou..haven't gone there for like 3 weeks i think. well the rest of them went for the treasure hunt thing and won 2nd place. oh well, good for them then. I had sum issues bout that la. Wanna noe more? ask nat ker or ling la k? hahah..anyway since ou, i've been home watching tv all day long !! today i'm not feeling so good. i think i'm coming down wit fever or sumth..oh yea this wed is the taylor's college thingy.. i'm not 100% sure i'm going though..cos suddenly lih jing cannot make it. If only han ming was chosen then i wont be so alone la. Felt quite bad for him since i sent his form together wit mine but he dint get the sms. anyway to go or not to go? on the same day sue wei n JLo having an outing at neway. manissa mite drop by and if can i dun wana miss seeing her again cos have a lot to catch up with her !! haven reli talked to her since the "cooking" day. haha. hmm i'll let u noe which i decide to go to aight?

Funky Box

By Farahin
Oh case you were wondering..our EST Project is completed !! just need to print and bind now =) it's called the Funky Box ! cos it has music and lights woo ! and guess who soldered it? yep u guessed it..Here it is !

Look ! Our 21st century CD holder

It has a clock !

But it's kinda big and bulky compared to other stuff other people made but who cares la. Oh you know I could have gone to GC js nw if I collected the tickets in DU but last minute and lazy la. Got a lot of work. Rachel wasn't very happy today cos of her mum she can't go. Okay that's all the updates for now.. I have to go continue with (what else..) homework..


With Love

By Farahin
Did you know that road accidents in Malaysia have been increasing at the average rate of 9.7% per annum over the last 3 decades? Over 6,000 lives were spared. If they were to record deaths of animals on the road, what would it be? I know this may sound like every other road campaigns but it's not. Tuesday 17th April 2007 was the day to remember. One of my two cats had died. Its body was found at about 8.30 p.m. on the road opposite my house when it was about to cross the road. Its head was flattened but its body was still intact. The question is, was it really an accident or was it intentioned?

I was having fun in tuition. I came back at 9.50 and when I stepped into the house I was told that my cat had died. Usually I see my cat for the last time but that night I just couldn't. I was afraid that it would hurt even more. I thought it was better not knowing. The last time I had to face anything like this was when my previous cat died when I was sitting for PMR. I still remember we had to put him to Euthanasia as it was suffering terribly. It still hurts today remembering the look in the cat's face. All I hope for is that my recent cat died as an accident. This blog entry is a tribute to my cat:

My cat when I first got it

They were watching TV..

Ironically, after that incident, on Thursday I was supposed to emcee a talk on road safety. It didn't go as well as expected but acceptable I guess. I don't even know why she picked me since I'm neither a PRS nor a prefect. I haven't strated studying a single thing and it gets worse when ppl ask for the sake of asking. They, ask, i reply, they don't believe. Don't really like that kind of ppl. If you don't believe then mayb you shouldn't ask. Then there're ppl who are even more stressed than I am so they release their stress on me. What la. That makes my week even worse. However, our EST project's one of the fastest but guess what? I jus found out that its only worth 5 marks out of the 20 sahsiah marks.. That's all for now. I'm off to breakfast and then got work to do. Bye =)

Return of the Projects

By Farahin
One of the jokes i made was..what month was king kong born in?..the answer: Ape-ril ! i made this joke alongside a few others when i was bored in the hall waiting for the rehearsal of the academic day. On the second day of raptai, we were sitting in the hall when suddenly..wei keen came and told us got est project. That's when it all started. Controversies. Okay la actually to think back it's not really a big of a deal that the "thing" between the people happened. It turned out fine..well for now that is..the est project was to invent sumthin made of recycled things so now we FINALLY decided on what to build. Actually the base was sorta my idea then they decided to change but in the end we stuck with it. So i feel that one or two mite not be really satisfied with the idea worrying it's not marketable but i guess we don't have time and can't please everyone. Anyway can't tell u what i'm building yet but mayb if i get the chance i'll show u the pics okay? oh yea the project is together with a project proposal and marketing strategies and we'll have to present it next tues. So soon ! exam's coming and i haven't done anything also ! aaaaaa?

I admit that my life mostly revolves around school only but i guess got other stuff and external matters that maybe i don't state here cos i don't feel safe n comfortable with people reading it. Anyway, our school's Academic Day for 2006 was on the 5th of April. It was my 3rd time going but this time it was a lil diff. Firstly, none my parents were free so can't come. Next, i got 2 prizes this time, i.e. add math best subj n num. 6..We all got to see the ex-form 5s again but only half of them turned up since the school made the academic day on a we all talked to them for awhile on scholarships and stuff..yes, sounds nerdy but oh well..Oh yea then, it was my first time watching Nat and Emy perform together and they sound really good together ! then after everything ended we all get free food yay ! went back to class, take pics and we saw the rest of them practising geisha performance for IU day which is this coming sunday ! Apparently i dun htink i'm going due to trans probs and somehting on. If not of cos i would've gone la to support that Yi Ling ! haha.. Then tonight's supposed to be bud 4's mlm bakat but i had tuition so cannot go oso.

haha..we were taking pics of our new certs ! hehehe..
oh there's the permanent ink pn. cheng used during math on the whiteboard..

Today i din't go school and guess what i did at home? i spent half my day soldering and trying to make the freaking loudspeaker make a sound ! at 1st the battery terminal was soldered wrongly then after that the LED lights up but no sound at all. So, i dunno what to do. Maybe buy a new loudspeaker. Oh and this week i haven't practice my guitar at all ! i'm so screwed tomorrow man ! wish me luck. my last month of goin to class. will continue after spm. tats all fer nw c u when i'm free. Tat is after 2 weeks of exam i think? heheh bye !

updates !

By Farahin
i'm back after a month of madness !! 2 weeks of holidays (not continuously though..). ok we shall start with sports day. it was normal i gues but quite tiring and very HOT !!! went for duty and this time easier cos i got the deep heat spray !! and i carry around that heavy metal 1st aid kit..heavy !! anyway, did i tell u? st john won 4th place marching ! we beat scouts and guides and krs and others !! 1st time ever ! and purple house got 3rd place overall. however, got some complications and some ppl think otherwise n stuff la but i dun reli care.. haha..and after a longggg day under the sun, i only managed to take 2 pics of me and the gang. oh since my blog is so empty i put the pic la ok?

Actually i'm not in blue house but js join in only
hehehe..the wing is cute ! but i dint get to wear it..

After that we had a week break for CNY. of cos i'm stuck in sj but it was ok since i get to laze around as usual. i hardly did anything !oh but got jo anne's CNY party's one of the pics =)

Yep..more than half the class was there..
We played bluff and heart attack oso !

Anyway after school reopens, got exams. it was only 1st term exam but i duno why ppl study lik mad. so i had to go with the flow..after exams was freedom man !! everyday laze around!! i guess its also cos i think this'll be the last holiday for us to relax since exam is coming n bla bla.. but the holidays after exams went very fasttttttt! wed-fri i had to stay at grandma's cos got meetings and tuitions. On thursday, had add math tuition and guess wat? i walked all the way to hanisah's the RAIN ! at 1st it was drizzling only so dint reli bother to take the 100 kg umbrella..its either that or powerpuff umbrella so..yeah hahaha..anyway after the bridge it started raining heavily ! i had no choice but continued only..a lot of ppl stared summor.haha then when reach her house she lent me her clothes. then teacher was an hour late but we dint mind hehehe.

friday had meeting with the st johnnies..discussed new board in hour plus? duno lar..then went to c jamie for awhile. i tot wanted 2 pass her the mag only but ended up tlakin for lik an hour.Oh yea ! i got new sms buddy ! guess who la hehe.. after that rush to accounts and back to sj ! saturday as usual got guitar class after skipping for 3 consecutive weeks cos of transport issues and fever..and after i went, finally got my cert after like.. 5 months? haha..anyway it was worth the bout 30 hours i'll be waking up to go to school..sighs.. wish me luck. i'm gonna need it to face my results wei !Oh yea..happy bday mummy and happy bday in advance sis.. peace out !