Merry Christmas = )

By Farahin
Yo~ i'm back! Just came back from the curve. Went to celebrate sis n bro's bdays but apparently sis was sick so she had to stay home. We had dinner at Marche. Before that me sis and mum went to Sunway Pyramid for awhile. Oh yea and before came back stopped by to see my cats in grandma's place! They js came back from the vet and they looked kinda tired? haha.

For the past week I didn't do much. Didn't even go out with friends cos lazy and sometimes no transport haha. Last Saturday supposed to go to Eunice's Christmas Party in her apartment but last minute didn't go since no transport. Turns out i heard not many ppl went. Earlier that day i went mid valley and class was canceled. This Thurs hanisah planned to have lunch. Oh yea ! school's in a week's time ! oh no ! homework here i come.. Don't really feel like going back to school but one more year! u can do it ! haha.

Anyway, even though Jo Anne left, Ling and JLo are back ! Hanisah left and came back too ! Oh and regarding the course i'm going to take, (yea i noe a bit too far ahead to think) i decided to take on actuarial (for now) but apparently somebody doesn't agree cos worry i cannot get job next time. In my opinion if ure really THAT good sure can find job one la. Besides, everyone thinks there'll be jobs and agrees alrdy except for that "dude". Dunno wats up with that "dude" la. Purposely wanna disturb my feelings one nowadays. sighs.

Anyway, right now i'm just reading story books to kill time and getting ready for school but i dun think i'll ever be ready. haha. Oh yea. I stil haven't return some of the receipts to the sponsors. So many people kept asking bout the magazine til i'm tired to answer adi. Have no idea when the magazine is gonna be out since its stil being "editted". Okay la i guess i don't sound too happy this week eh? I'm okay la i guess. haha. Since it's Christmas today, Merry Christmas! haha. =)

A Weekend with Friends

By Farahin
Okok lets start off with Saturday la since Thurs n Fri i did nothing much. Saturday whole day was pretty busy and rushing la but its alright i guess. Went to class and was kinda disappointed that my aural marks wasn't as good as expected. I barely got half of the full marks.. I thought i did better than before. I guess not? Hopefully my aural teacher didn't see my marks haha. Anyway i noe i've been complaining bout this too much so i'll stop here k?

After class i went to the St. John party in bball park. The turnout wasn't as good as i expected but okla. Some seniors came as well but most of them didn't stay long. Started out with the 1st game then straight away eat dinner. When we were eating, there was this guy who was like videotaping us in a sorta weird kinda way. So we were kinda suspicious so ed n lex went up to him and confronted him i gues? then his reason was that he was videotaping his son (who was not even in st john but jus helped himself haha) eat. =.=" as if he's never seen his kid eat only. Hmm.. wonder true or not.

I was the cameraman for the day. I should have videotaped him back la !!! haha. But it was really cool i get to use Ki Jun's NEW camera haha ! Anyway, I went home at bout 9 cos my car came pretty early. Then there were some leftovers so they ask me bring home like a whole pizza, Ed's mum's choc cake n Nat's jelly. Free food! haha. Wonder who's gonna eat them all. haha.

At night in DU was kinda bored cos usually i'll be online but modem stil not fixed there and the laptop's in aunt's house so cannot go online lor. But not that bad la at least got some movie to watch. The next day, Sunday, Nat n I went dating. Haha. At 1st lex wanted 2 follow but then he dint go in the end. We went batting n walk walk n talk talk haha. We took like.. i dunno how long to decide where to eat. Oh yea then we bought someone's prezzie! haha. i still owe some ppl. hehe.

When i got back was kinda tired la. Mayb cos of the day b4? or mayb cos i followed Nat's "walking" speed? i oso dunno haha. I wonder how was the Cancer Run? Nowadays i feel like rhyming i dunno why? And now here i am online with nothing to do.. =)

woo hoo !!

By Farahin
yo!~ wassup? kk how long haven't i blog? well this week i'm js staying home i guess. Until Friday la at least. Saturday got the party at the bball court. Sunday got the Cancer Run so i'm helping out Nathalie since no one else is going. After that plan to go hang out or picnic with her since i haven't seen her since...since happy feet that time la..haha!!

oh guess what? i got the best call of the day !! my guitar teacher called n i got my results back !!!! well got good news n got bad news la. He gave the good news 1st which was my result. I'm very happy with it !! so thankful! I passed with Distinction!! aaaaa i really owe it to my teachers n friends who had to put up with my practice n singing !! Not forgetting all the rain i caused. Oh and special thanks to Yi Ling who helped me for like an hour in the middle of the night before the exam! thanks man! Then, he gave me the "bad" news. He said the bad news was....... that i didn't get full marks? so not so bad la the bad news !! haha so kinda happy now la. All those worrying n practice paid off !!

The down side of the day was St John. Now i'm kinda worried cos need to pass all the reports n meeting minutes to the DJ Eileen. However, thank God Edward don't mind passing it to her !! thanks a lot.

Many people are going away for Christmas la. Nat and Han Ming going Singapore, Steph going Hong Kong, Jo Anne going Ireland, Jia Liang mite stil be in Italy. Luckily Ling will be back from UK n hanisah will be back too! Su Wen n Rachel dunno wat happen adi haha! i shall ask them later. Tomorrow got outing in OU n Sunway Pyramid. Going skating !! not me la. As usual no transport haha? Nat was torn in between OU n Pyramid. hahaha! sadly i can't go for both. Oh and i was just told a few seconds ago that the OU meeting was canceled.

Oh last Saturday i went to the National Edu Fair in Mid Valley. Not very helpful but okay i guess? Got few others went also but they went on Sunday like Mei Fong, Steph, Jamie, Maddy. I still haven't made up my mind yet. Actually I have decided but after people kept saying "are u sure? its really tough", "only 40% of the people get through the whole process" and "i heard its a really tough course!" I'm not so sure anymore. Actually i dunno why i wana do that course also. I guess i don't wanna do the other 2 choices cos its too common? i dunno la. Hopefully by next yr i'll really noe for sure. In the mean time i wanna go read story book or sudoku k? Bye bye =)

Goodbye November!

By Farahin
It felt like it was just yesterday that school ended. Time flies when ure lazing around ! Its December alrdy and i haven't done anything since exam ! too much distraction. haha.

okok first things first. I'm having like this brain freeze right now cos of the sudoku i've been doing for the past 90 minutes non-stop ! need to take a break! that's why i'm here! Yesterday they had this futsal thing in Taman Megah. Actually they've planned it for awhile and it was supposed 2 be on saturday but postponed. Only few girls came n su wen ffk! haha. i dint go oso cos too far from here. They said it was fun. Oh well..

I think this wed they're gonna have bball again but in the morning this time. i duno whether i can make it again since i'm here and not in DU. Pretty hard living in 2 houses u noe. I have to carry like my clothes n books wherever i go. U're so lucky to be living in one house u noe. Every week one hour plus is thrown away due to the journey to and fro. Again, oh well..

Oh yea ! I just started my 5 ppl u meet in heaven book (again). Haha actually bought it b4 sports day (in May) but now oni got time to read. haha. I don't reli have plans for this week so hopefully can do something useful like studying maybe? haha. i wish. Mayb I'll go read story book now or accounts hw. On second thought, I'd probably read since i'm so tired of numbers from the sudoku! haha. Until next time~

Relaxing =)

By Farahin
Oh no ! rachel left 2 days ago n yi ling's leaving in few minutes time ! they're leaving me....hahaha..hmm only get 2 see them in 2 weeks long..after yi ling go i got no more pool buddy.haha got la but wont be the same ! Wat la she. I called her but she had to pack since she's leaving in awhile. oh speaking of rachel, just now i saw her you-know-who at you-know-where.We played basketball near hanisah's house. Actually dint plan to but last minute haha. Almost took home su wen's phone haha. Today we lost by a mile compared to that day ! 6 versus 5 cheating! haha.

Yesterday night i went to this guitar concert in KLPAC. Not bad haha. Ana Vidovic one. Pretty talented. After that actually got autograph session but the queue was reallyyyyyyy long n i had to car pool wit my teacher's friends so yeah. Oh yea! guess who i saw there ??!!! the nice registration lady from my guitar exam 2 weeks ago !! haha.. i think she was with the big shot ppl.

Just now had lunch with daddy for the 1st time ever in 16 years. We ate before my tuition at Secret Recipe. After that I went for my last tuition class of the year! no more tuition! but hav to discipline myself adi. Need to study! haha. Help me yea? oh and 1st time tuition no homework wei ! i think he forgot to give la haha.

Tomorrow actually got outing one Nathalie n Wee Lim organize but i dun think i'm going since i dun have transport. The futsal thing this saturday oso i cannot go since got st john meeting in McD. Anyway, i wanna go watch dvd now k? i'll catch u up later~ =)

Welcome Back !

By Farahin
heyyyy guess wat? i'm back bloggy ! miss me? okok lets not waste another second! I'll refresh you bout wats new with me aight? Actually there's nothing much la since its the holidays..

Firstly, everyone's going somewhere except me wei ! Rachel is going Europe, JLo is going Italy, Jojo is going Ireland to see her bro, Ling is going UK to see her bro too, Hanisah is going Bali, Steph is going Hong Kong & Su Wen is going Camerons (at least not that far haha). Looks like I'm stuck here with Nattie n Mei Fong who are not going anywhere too.haha.

Secondly, I'm supposed to be studying already but too bad I'm not. Help push me to go study! haha instead, i'm here blogging after dunno how many months. At the moment i only have add math tuition but the last class will be on this Thursday and i haven't finish homework! accounts tuition also got homework but as usual, haven't started. I've been really lazy since exam. It's not like my results were great also. Could have done better. Careless.

Last week i get to see Manissa again after soooo long! She's finally back in KL and she'll be here til end of December! we went to ou on wed after my add math tuition and watch happy feet! cute n funny movie especially the lil penguins. Hanisah Eunice JLo Wenny & Vanod dint watch cos they were too old to watch! haha. Hidayah came and join us too! Pretty surprising! Then, Friday i went out with Jamie, Mei Fong, Maddy & their friend. After Jamie left, Mei Fong & Maddy actually waited 4 me to go home b4 they go to their friend's hse! so sweet. haha. Haven't seen them since b4 midterms wei! so caught up with studies, now can finally catch up with ma buddies! wow that rhymes. Speaking of rhyming, i thought of writing poems again. I miss it. Haven't reli written one since the last one i wrote in form 2 for rachel. Guess what? She still keeps it! so sweet!

Saturday night was Edboard party/dinner but more of a dinner i think? The food was niceeee. We each got a budget of RM37 each plus tax. haha. After this i'll still have finance stuff to take care of like returning the receipts. The worst thing was that the 2006 magazine will only be out in 2007! this is like the first time in history it has ever happened! the students will surely blame the edboarders but its actually no one's fault. It's just that the principal is fussy tats all. Words like hugs & kisses oso cannot be put even though the sponsor (who paid lik RM1200) wanted it there. Oh well..

Oh yea! like 2 weeks ago I had my guitar exam in Sheraton Hotel. I was pretty nervous but wasn't as nervous as the first exam in 2003. Overall i thought it was pretty terrible especially my pieces n my aural. On the other hand, I'm never really satisfied with myself. At least I'm quite thankful that the registration lady talked to me b4 i went in. She's very nice. Anyway, if u noticed, i changed the title of my blog too. Actually i got that from this slogan website nattie gave me. The website actually sloganizes ur name! haha. That's all i have to blog for now. I wanna do my add math hw or watch tv aight? see u soon + take care~

photobucket !!

By Farahin
hey all 4 jatians.. we now ahve a photobucket !! u can go n check it out at username: 4jati2006 get password from farahin/yi ling/hanisah..hehe thats all fer now..keep the posting going !! ure doing great !! haha..

Holidays !!

By Farahin
yay 1 week holiday !! celebrate !! maybe after i finish my hw much hw !! st john work oso take half of my time alrdy..but i'm proud of duin it ! haha.. last few weeks got so many birthdays ! umm let me start from beginning of yin, rachel, nat, han ming, madeliene, mei fong, pam n many others ! oh and last fri was gary's last day in smkdu !! so sad..he's going to america without us..but we took lotsa pics tho !!

oh u noe wat bloggy..i went 2 doc last tues cos i tot i had asthma..but actually my bone is swelling ! 1st x-ray summor..haha so cool rite? the doc oso dun reli noe wats wrong with me..have 2 go see her again next monday..mum told me 2 skip skool but cant afford 2 miss lessons la..too much !! the pain is decreasing but the swelling is increasing i guess? hopefully everything will turn out fine = )

omg i owe lotsa ppl presents wei !! went ou for awhile jus now..but only for awhile !! so couldn't get presents..haiz..haha..only 6 more days 2 skool n check tiring la stressful oso..hehe..nvm la hopefully can cope !!

oh yesterday was CNY..dint go anywhere..but i wore red tho !! hehe must respect !! lol..jus now i saw too much red adi..haha..since i'm still in CNY mood, happy chinese new year n selamat menyambut awal muharam to all !!

First day of Form 4 !!

By Farahin
3rd January 2006..1st day of form 4 !! it was pretty normal at 1st la..wasn't late (phew!)..then they arranged us to our 1st quite scared 2 go jati cos tot none of my friends were there..but then seems lik 3/4 of anggerik last yr is in jati!! quite happy la..class teacher is cikgu shaifur..quite okay la..nth against him..hehe..

then the next day..they said got lotsa controversial n lotsa ppl wana chg they reshuffled the classes strictly based on "pmr results n percentage"..but then belian seem to have the teacher's children only..wei keen, eeshwer they all r exceptional la..haha..n then eunice n talisa came 2 jati !! so fun..hehe..and then the worst thing happenned...nat ker went 2 kempas !!! so unfair for her..her results were damn chun !! for the first few hours we dint have a monitor..then JL take sad she's not in the same class..but thank god we're stil in st johns together !! hehe.. the 1st few days dint reli noe how 2 do work many tuitions 2 go transport 2 come home summor..have 2 get help from hanisah..haha! so, thanks man hanisah !! this yr sure got a lot of competition..evry1 seem 2 be getting straight A's..haiz how 2 take manissa's top spot liddat..haha!! so sad manissa n few otehrs leaving 2 asrama !! gonna miss them a lot !!! gonna miss being in the same class as fatin, hidayah they all oso..they went 2 sub-sci..haiz..gonan be a bit dull this yr witout fatin's jokes..

the 1st 4 days of school r finally over !! got 2 more holidays..but tuesday got tuition..haiz raya oso got tuition..lazy la..haha..btw i got new specs !!stil getting use 2 it tho..hmm i only read 6 pages of bukit kepong today..mei fong n pam read so far adi..haha so competitive la them..ahha..the krgn i did was so long !! almost double of yi ling's !!

oh yea n there's stil another hour of 8 january !! which, nat ker n Rachel both turns 16!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! sorry couldn't make it yestd..but i noe u guys had fun..even witout me (aww..) hehhehe..okie thats all fer now..gonna have 2 start studyin adi..haha !!