PMR Results !!

By Farahin
hey..this is like my first post since like 7 months the results came out !! haha tat time i dint even write bout pmr..haha..the nite b4 i was like really freaking out !! u can ask huever was online la..was disturbing them..haha sorry yar !!.anyway..we were told tat teh results were comin out at bout 10..but they sure need 2 analyse we planned 2 come at 10.30..but 10.15 liddat results were out when i came i saw su wen..then we both went in..then saw rachel n stephanie there holding their results..straight A's la of wen signed 1st..then when i wanted 2 sign, i was like mememe and pn ng was like.."who are you?"..she said i looked like "some chinese girl" witout the tudung..haha funny..but dint laugh cos dint noe results..then while she was looking for my name rach told me nat ker dint get straight a's and i was like shocked !! cos nat's like 1 of the top students of smkdu..then i started 2 panic !! then luckily teacher said 8 A's !! waa so happy i jumped n screamed n hug whoever was there man!! then we went ou wit su wen !! her mum drove us sweet..haha..

in ou we went eat 1st, then watched king longgggg !!!! 3 and a half cold summor..during cinema so many ppl msged !! sorry cinema ppl there !! and then after tat meet up wit mei fong they all to pass the ibm pics..then i saw jen ai after lik 2 yrs !! n then saw sum ttdi ppl as well..after that just walked for awhile then had 2 go meet up wit sister..but okay la she belanja me eat haha..then go shopping a bit..then go pack stuff then go back subang..quite okay la today except for that embarrasing thing i did..haiz..wrong eprson ahha ! anyway overall today was one of the most memorable day ever !! haiz holidays r ending n form 4 is comin..many challenges awaits yr i'm gonna hav trouble wit time management a bit but hope can work it out..thats all for now..c ya soon my new updated bloggy !!